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We are facing a public health crisis!

We are facing a public health crisis!

"Senator Hughes calls for Emergency Summer Clean and Repair Program for “Toxic” Schools Senator Hughes requests mayor, superintendent authorize aggressive deep-cleaning in “toxic” Philadelphia schools, asks for community to share...

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Make Mental Health A Priority

Make Mental Health A Priority

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and I am partnering with the Philadelphia Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. and the Black Women’s Health Alliance for our annual Mental Health First Aid Workshop and Certification. The event...

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Interested in buying a home? We’re here to help

Interested in buying a home? We’re here to help

I’ve spent this week focusing on modern-day redlining and the impact it has had on potential homebuyers in Philadelphia and now I want to take the time to offer some assistance and resources to buying your first home. The Urban League of...

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Redlining deprives black and brown people of home ownership

Redlining deprives black and brown people of home ownership

After analyzing data from more than 31 million records, the Center for Investigative Reporting (CIR) found that African Americans and Latinos were routinely more likely to be denied conventional mortgages at a far higher rate than their white counterparts. I will not stand for this discrimination and as a result, am pushing for investigations into these practices.

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Happy Anniversary ACA

Happy Anniversary ACA

It has been eight years since President Barack Obama signed the Affordable Care Act (ACA) into law.  March 23, 2010 is a significant day in United States history.  It is a day when our country told the world all Americans are entitled to health...

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Hughes Walks and Speaks to Students for National Walkout Day

Hughes Walks and Speaks to Students for National Walkout Day

It was my honor and privilege to walk with and speak to students from the Science Leadership Academy School in Philadelphia who participated in National Walkout Day. I also attended an event at Philadelphia City Hall where students who participated in the walkout gathered.

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Join Us for a Financial Freedom for Working Families Event

Join Us for a Financial Freedom for Working Families Event

Together with PA Treasurer Joe Torsella and the Campaign for Working Families, Inc. invite you for a Financial Freedom event. Let us help you find money that you’re entitled to. The event will be held on March 13 from 10 a.m. til 2 p.m. at Parkwest Town Center...

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Hughes Welcomes Gov. Wolf to  Groundbreaking for New Market West

Hughes Welcomes Gov. Wolf to Groundbreaking for New Market West

I was thrilled to welcome Gov. Tom Wolf and other state and federal officials for the groundbreaking for New Market West, a community and retail hub planned for development at 5901 Market Street. This project will provide much needed services and homes to our West Philadelphia community. 

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Boost Your Retirement Security:  Click MyRetirementPA.com

Boost Your Retirement Security: Click MyRetirementPA.com

Helping you boost your retirement security is critical.  That’s why I’ve joined with a bipartisan group of lawmakers and public officials to strongly support a new retirement security tool.  On Thursday, lawmakers unveiled a website called...

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Stay the Course, the Fight is NOT Over

Stay the Course, the Fight is NOT Over

Wednesday, February 7, 2018 is National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day
As long-time advocates and strong proponents of HIV/AIDS prevention, testing and education, my wife Sheryl Lee and I need your help. Join us in our fight.

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Earned Income Tax Credit

Earned Income Tax Credit

The EITC is a federal tax credit that is available for eligible families based on income — you do not need to have children to qualify.  Married couples, same-sex couples and individuals may all be eligible for more than $500 up to $6,318 in federal tax credits. 

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Pennsylvania Promise: Free and Affordable Education for All

Pennsylvania Promise: Free and Affordable Education for All

  One of the most troubling challenges facing many students and families across Pennsylvania is the high cost of education.  This is often such a high hurdle that many students simply forgo a college education and are prevented from acquiring the...

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The “American Dream” is Out of Reach for Millions

The “American Dream” is Out of Reach for Millions

For generations, most Americans believed that if they worked hard they could support their families, own a home, and, one day, have a pension to retire on ---- The American Dream.  Now, millions of Americans, many in Pennsylvania, have had that dream shattered....

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Our Schools…Unsafe … Unhealthy … Unfit

Our Schools…Unsafe … Unhealthy … Unfit

Have we achieved Martin Luther King’s Dream? Every day, thousands of children in Pennsylvania and millions of children across the country are sent into schools that are unsafe, unhealthy, and unfit for learning.   Given this reality, have we achieved the...

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Stay Prepared for Freezing Temperatures

Stay Prepared for Freezing Temperatures

Frigid temperatures have been brutal this season and it is important that all citizens familiarize themselves with ways to keep safe in this weather. Freezing pipes, loss of heat, and power outages can occur due to the below freezing temperatures being experienced...

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My Bill to Protect Victims of Domestic Violence Passes Senate

My Bill to Protect Victims of Domestic Violence Passes Senate

This week the Senate unanimously passed a bill I’ve been working on for years to protect victims of domestic violence. My bill (Senate Bill 196) allows judges to require an ankle monitor for abusers with Protection from Abuse orders. Too often, abusers violate PFAs...

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Holiday Party with a Purpose

Holiday Party with a Purpose

Join Sheryl Lee and I as we team up with SHARE to battle hunger.  Help us feed those in need.  On Sunday, December 17 you are invited to join us at our “Holiday Party with a Purpose” from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. at First District Plaza, 3801 Market Street in...

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Sign Up for Affordable Care Act Coverage this Thursday!

Sign Up for Affordable Care Act Coverage this Thursday!

Enrollment is now OPEN for individuals and families who need health coverage through the Affordable Care Act for 2018, but only through Dec. 15.  If you want to enroll and need assistance, I’m hosting an open enrollment event this Thursday, Nov. 16 from 1:30 to 4...

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Sign Up Today for ACA Health Coverage

Sign Up Today for ACA Health Coverage

Open Enrollment Runs Nov. 1 to Dec. 15 Enrollment is now OPEN for individuals and families who need health coverage through the Affordable Care Act for 2018. The ACA has improved the lives of a million Pennsylvanians, helping 711,000 individuals access...

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Join Us at Neighborhood Fall Festival Oct. 14

Join Us at Neighborhood Fall Festival Oct. 14

Everyone is invited to join me, my staff and the City Ave Special Services District to my upcoming Neighborhood Fall Festival, which will take place on Saturday, Oct. 14 at High School of the Future, 4021 Parkside Ave. in Philadelphia.   This event is a...

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Friday Roundtable to Focus on Voter Access

Voting is a fundamental right — a right we must protect.   In an effort to dig deeper into growing concerns with respect to voting in Pennsylvania I’m hosting a forum on voting that you’re welcome to attend.  The roundtable discussion will take place...

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Today, September 26, is National Voter Registration Day

Today, September 26, is National Voter Registration Day

  Today is National Voter Registration Day! This is an important opportunity to raise awareness about your right as an American. Right now, there are 8.6 million registered voters in Pennsylvania, but another 1.5 million Pennsylvanians are of voting age but not...

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Must Stop No Health Care/TrumpCare Bill

Must Stop No Health Care/TrumpCare Bill

Far-right members of Congress are at it again. The U.S. Senate majority are working to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act and a vote could come as soon as next week. The new "Cassidy-Graham Bill" would slash federal spending on health care and puts...

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How You Can Help Hurricane Harvey Survivors

The remnants of Hurricane Harvey have now ravaged Texas for nearly a week. The Houston area has been devastated by catastrophic flooding, and its residents need our help now.  The American Red Cross is currently seeking donations to help...

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We Must Not Be Silent

On Wednesday, Aug. 16, I marched with about 2,000 people in the #PhillyIsCharlottesville March against Hate.  Needless to say, I was angry about all that has transpired in the past several days and months.  At the same time, I was hurt by the fact...

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Honoring Voting Rights Act & Increasing Voter Participation

Aug. 6 marked the 52nd anniversary of the signing of the Voting Rights Act, one of the most significant measures of the Civil Rights Movement. The law took a landmark step to protect and ensure our right to vote, but our work on the state and federal levels to...

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Shame! Health Care Repeal Effort Moves Forward

Today, the U.S. Senate very narrowly voted to move forward with efforts to dismantle the Affordable Care Act. In fact, it was a 50-50 vote, and the vice president cast the tie-breaking vote. As soon as next week, the Senate may vote to either repeal the Affordable...

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10.17.2017: ‘Pathways to Pardons’ Event This Thursday at Drexel University

10.5.2017: Join Us at Neighborhood Fall Festival Oct. 14

9.27.2017: Friday Roundtable to Focus on Voter Access

9.26.2017: Today is National Voter Registration Day

9.22.2017: Must Stop No Health Care/TrumpCare Bill

8.30.2017: How You Can Help Hurricane Harvey Survivors

8.17.2017: We Must Not Be Silent

8.11.2017: Due to Inclement Weather Forecast, Tomorrow’s Block Party with a Purpose is Postponed

8.7.2017: Honoring Voting Rights Act & Increasing Voter Participation

8.3.2017: You’re Invited: Neighborhood Block Party with a Purpose!

7.25.2017: Shame! Health Care Repeal Effort Moves Forward

6.30.2017: There’s Still Time to Sign Up for Summer Reading Program

6.28.207: Absurd! Senate OKs Guns in Classrooms

6.23.2017: Unequal and Insufficient Education Funding in PA Must Come To An End

6.1.2017: First Time Homebuyer Seminar & Energy Conservation Workshop

5.12.2017: #1 Issue in Education – PA’s Unequal Education Funding! Worst in the Nation!

5.8.2017: Success Story! Jobs, Community Revitalization and Fresh Food Come Back to the Neighborhood

5.2.2017: Signups for Obamacare on the Rise

4.26.2017: Attack on Planned Parenthood Comes to the Pennsylvania Senate

4.5.2017: It’s Tax Return Season; See if You Qualify for Tax Credit

4.4.2017: Remembering Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr

2.27.2017: Join Us at Wednesday’s Community Forum

2.22.2017: Turn Anger Into Action at My Upcoming Forum!

2.21.2017: PA Budget Hearings Viewing Schedule

2.13.2017: Fighting Bad Policies that Hurt Women, Families and Workers

2.7.2017: ALERT: Watch Gov. Wolf’s Budget Address Today

2.7.2017: Today is National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

1.31.2017: Today is the LAST DAY to Sign Up for the Affordable Care Act

1.26.2017: You can STILL enroll in Obamacare!

1.19.2017: Just 11 days left to enroll in Obamacare!

1.18.2017: January 31st is the deadline to enroll in Obamacare!

1.4.2017:  Time to Mobilize with Senator Hughes & Rev. Al Sharpton

1.1.2017: Happy New Year from Senator Hughes & Sheryl Lee Ralph-Hughes


12.29.2015: Gov. Wolf Prevents School Closings with Line-Item Budget Veto

12.19.2015: Check Out the Next Big Project in West Philly’s Revitalization

12.14.2015: Here’s What I’m Doing on the Anniversary of the Mass Shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary

12.7.2015: PA Senate Votes 43-7 to Send PA Budget with Record Education Increase to House to End Budget Impasse

12.3.2015: Getting Results: New Affordable Housing Coming to West Philly

11.25.2015: Senator Hughes Invites You to Unleash the Power of Age Expo for Adults 50 +

11.9.2015: Check out my latest opinion piece in the Harrisburg Patriot-News

11.5.2015: Senator Vincent Hughes Celebrates Veterans Day 2015 by Honoring African American Women Veterans

10.22.2015: Help Me Stop the Next Act of Gun Violence

10.15.2015: Pennsylvania Needs a Budget, So GOP Must Compromise

10.7.2015: Republicans Pick Drillers Over Schools, Again

10.4.2015: The deadline to register to vote in the November 3rd election is October 5th.

9.24.2015: Hitting the Streets for Quality Health Insurance!

9.18.2015: You’ll Never Believe the Latest Republican Budget Stunt

8.27.2015: #BREAKING: You Won’t Believe What This Poll Says About the Republican Position on the State Budget

8.18.2015: Please share this video #TaxShaleFundSchools

8.13.2015: You Won’t Believe What’s Happening to Test Scores in Our Public Schools

7.29.2015: Here’s How to Beat the Heat

7.2.2015: Why Governor Tom Wolf Vetoed the Republican Budget

6.25.2015: Major Announcement: More Summer Jobs for Philly Youth!

6.23.2015: Three Reasons Why We Need More Funds for All Schools – Especially Philadelphia

6.8.2015: Live Telephone Town Hall Meeting – June 9th at 6 p.m.

6.3.2015: Sen. Hughes Presents Save our Skills: Read to Succeed Program

5.18.2015: Sen. Hughes Introduces Historic $3.8 Billion Cut in Property Taxes

4.7.2015: Senator Hughes Welcomes Governor Wolf to 7th Senatorial District in West Philadelphia

4.6.2015:  Help Support Drexel Student Zakiya James

3.27.2015: Confronting Racism in PA: Why I Am Supporting Gov. Wolf’s Nominee for PA State Police

3.24.2015: Senator Hughes to Appear on Pa. Cable Network TONIGHT

3.20.2015: Sen. Hughes Introduces Universal Voter Registration Bill to Honor The 50th Anniversary of Bloody Sunday and the Passage of the Voting Rights Act

3.16.2015: ALERT: Senate Budget Hearings Start Today

3.3.2015: ALERT: Governor Wolf to Deliver Budget Address

2.6.2015: Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day Resources

1.14.2015: Top Hughes Staffer Chosen by Governor-Elect to be Budget Secretary

1.12.2015: Important Deadline to Sign up for High Quality, Very Affordable Health Care is Approaching

1.6.2015: Private Panel Discussion & Screening of the Movie Selma


12.24.2014: A Season for Giving Back

12.8.2014: More Bad News for PA: Gov. Corbett Announces $2 Billion Budget Hole

12.2.2014: Additional resources for World AIDS Day

12.1.2014: A Message from Senator Hughes and Sheryl Lee Ralph on World AIDS Day


11.18.2014: Senator Hughes Can Help Get Health Coverage for You and Your Family! 

11.13.2014: Senator Hughes Re-Elected Senate Democratic Appropriations Chairman 

11.10.2014: Please Join Me on Veterans Day

11.5.2014: Please Join Me on Veterans Day

11.3.2014: Vote for Our Schools and Our Kids!

10.31.2014: Your Right to Vote is Under Attack!

10.04.2014: Repaving City Line Ave Thanks to Act 89

09.15.2014: Senate Democrats Call for Pennsylvania Department of Education to Investigate Complaints About School Conditions in Philly Schools 

09.05.2014: Update on your Credit Score

08.26.2014: Documenting School Conditions in Philadelphia

07.10.2014: Save our Skills Summer Reading Program

07.07.2014: 5th Annual Community of Giving Blood Drives in Memory of E. Steven Collins

6.18.2014: Solution #2 for PA’s Budget Deficit & Education Funding Crisis: Shale Tax for Schools

6.11.2014: Solution #1 for PA’s Budget Dilemma and Education Funding Crisis: Expand Medicaid and Save PA $400 Million

5.9.2014: #BringBackOurGirls: PA Senate Unanimously Passes Resolution in Support of Victims of Nigerian Kidnapping

4.25.2014: PHEAA Financial Aid For College Deadline Approaching!

4.14.2014: Time to Tax Natural Gas Drilling to Fund Education

4.3.2014: Tomorrow: Breaking the Silence on Mental Wellness

3.26.2014: Register Now for Breaking the Silence: A Summit on Mental Wellness

3.25.2014: Action Alert: Fund Our Schools / Tax Marcellus Shale Rally

3.18.2014: Time is Running Out to Get Affordable Health Insurance

2.18.2014: Join Senator Hughes THIS Saturday to Get Health Insurance

2.12.2014: Gov. Corbett’s “Healthy PA” vs. Healthcare for All

2.10.2014: Governor Corbett’s “Proposed” 2014-2015 Education Budget

1.28.2014: West Philly, Get Covered Thanks to Obamacare!

1.22.2014: The Affordable Care Act is Working 

1.17.2014: Test Scores Fall Because of Education Funding Cuts

1.16.2014: Mr. President: Don’t Buy Governor Corbett’s Health-care Plan


12.11.2013: PA Senate Honors the Life of Nelson Mandela

11.26.2013: Senate Democrats Offer Plan to Create 80,000 Jobs to Put People Back to Work

11.19.2013: Help Available to Understand Health Insurance Options

10.30.2013: First in A Series: The Crisis in Education Funding!

10.1. 2013: Health Care for All: The Affordable Care Act/Obamacare Starts October 1, 2013! Enroll Now!

9.30.2013: Learn How to Get Health Coverage in the Insurance Marketplace

9.24.2013: Why It’s Time to Raise the Minimum Wage

8.14.2013: Tell the Governor to Send $45 million to Philly Schools

8.7.2013: Save Our Skills: Free Reading Program for Students

7.25.2013: Update on Philadelphia School District Funding Crisis: $138 Million response to $180 Million Request

7.11.2013: How We Can Create Jobs in PA

7.1.2013: Huge Victory in Senate on Medicaid Expansion

6.24.2013:  Time for Big Push to Expand Health-Care

6.19.2013: How We Can Solve the Statewide School Funding Crisis

6.13.2013: Medicaid Expansion: Helps Others, Help Yourself

6.11.2013: Hughes Hosts “Welcome Home Hero: You’re Not Alone”

6.62013: PA Senate Passes Attack on Women’s Reproductive Health-Care Services

6.4.2013: 2013-14 State Budget -Stop the Cuts, Put the People First

5.7.2013: Free Dental Clinics in Pennsylvania

5.6.2013: Fresh Food Access Initiative for Urban Food Deserts

4.12.2013: Another Study Comes Out in Support of Medicaid 

3.25.2013: Pennsylvania’s Job Picture: Wrong Direction, Unemployment Up, New Job Creation Down 

3.8.2013: A True Look at Basic Education Funding In Pennsylvania

3.6.2013: Senators Hughes, Ferlo, and Senate Democratic Appropriations Committee to Hold Hearing on Medicaid Expansion in Pittsburgh 

2.26.2013: LEGISLATIVE UPDATE: Another Republican Governor Decides to Expand Medicaid, It’s Time for Gov. Corbett to Follow Suit

2.25.2013: Steep Federal Spending Cuts Will Have Serious Impacts on Pennsylvania

2.22.2013:  As Another Governor Decides to Expand Medicaid Under the Affordable Care Act, Governor Corbett Continues to Stall

2.19.2013: Getting Philly Covered: The Promise and Opportunity of the New Health Care Law

2.19.2013: Senate Appropriations Committee 2013-14 Budget Hearings Begin Today

2.7.2013: Governor Corbett Must Make the Right Choice for Pennsylvania: Expand the Medicaid Program, Bring Billions of Dollars to PA and Help the Uninsured

1.29.2013: Senate Democratic Appropriations Committee Hosts Health Care Reform Discussion

1.23.2013: Sen. Democratic Appropriations Committee to Hold Public Discussion on the President’s New Health Care Reform Plan

1.16.2013: President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden Unveil Proposals to Reduce Gun Violence

1.14.2013: Devastating Fire in West Philadelphia Highlights the Need for Fire Safety and Prevention Awareness

1.9.2013: Philadelphia School District Superintendent Releases Action Plan

1.8.2013: Senator Hughes Sworn-In to Fifth Full Term in PA Senate – Jobs to be Top Priority