We’re Listening to Those Still Struggling

The pandemic isn’t over for many workers, businesses

Since the majority in Harrisburg left town with $7 billion stashed away in a state vault, we’ve been out talking to the folks that are still suffering from the effects of the pandemic and who could use that money right now.

We’ve met with health-care workers, child-care providers, restaurant owners, frontline heroes, and even daring gene therapy entrepreneurs who think that with the right investment of state funds we could create tens of thousands of jobs that will lead to a cure for cancer.

Instead of taking advantage of these opportunities and dealing with these responsibilities, Harrisburg is a ghost town and the American Rescue Plan funds awarded to Pennsylvania by the Biden/Harris administration remain unused.

This is a dangerous dereliction of duty and an insult to those who suffered the most and worked the hardest to fight the virus and get our city, state, and country back to normal.

We will continue our fight to #FreetheFunds to reward those who sacrificed and build a bold and equitable economy for all.

Let us know if you want to help.

Eviction Moratorium Ends; Help Still Available

The federal moratorium on evictions ends on Saturday, July 31, but there is still help available for those behind on rent or utilities.

Pennsylvania received $569 million through the Emergency Rental Assistance program and much of it is still available to applicants through the PA Department of Human Services which has, in turn, contracted with organizations in each county to accept applications and administer the funds.

In addition to rent, the aid is available to help pay electric, gas, water, internet, and trash removal among other necessities.

The federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has created a web tool to help folks find the proper agency for their county.