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Senator Hughes is sponsoring FREE tax preparation!

Senator Hughes is sponsoring FREE tax preparation!

Get help with Earned Income Tax Credit filing, utility assistance and more Join us: 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 8 Overbrook Park Church of Christ 7630 Woodbine Avenue You can RSVP for the event by calling 215-879-7777. For more information on what you need to...

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Tune in for Gov. Wolf’s budget address

Tune in for Gov. Wolf’s budget address

Get informed on the future of state spending

Senator Hughes will join his colleagues in the state legislature for Gov. Tom Wolf’s 2020-21 budget address at the capitol.

This year’s budget address will highlight many of the issues the senator and the Pennsylvania Senate Democratic Caucus are fighting for, which includes fixing broken and toxic schools, prioritizing vulnerable populations, investing in education, raising the minimum wage, addressing gun violence in our communities, and more. Be sure you watch the governor’s address at 11 a.m. tomorrow, Feb. 4.

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The city of Philadelphia, and quite frankly the entire state of Pennsylvania, has a major problem with toxic conditions in our schools. The reality is that this is a $6 billion problem. That is why I am holding a call to action with my fellow legislators, advocates, activists and concerned citizens to raise awareness and finally get something done on this issue. WILL YOU STAND WITH ME THIS FRIDAY?

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Tuesday is the big day, make sure you vote!

Tuesday is the big day, make sure you vote!

After training more than 1,000 people on Philadelphia’s new voting machines at numerous “Souls to the Polls” events, Senator Hughes is still pushing to make sure people are aware of how to use the new voting machines. Here is a video demonstration if you were unable...

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PA must increase its commitment to affordable housing

PA must increase its commitment to affordable housing

Senator Hughes #NewDeal4NewPA puts housing at center focus Pennsylvanians need affordable housing. The commonwealth ranks in the middle of U.S. states in regard to affordable housing, meaning millions of our people are spending large percentages of their income...

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Senator Hughes is here to help you get your finances in order!

Senator Hughes is here to help you get your finances in order!

Come to his 5-week financial empowerment series to find out how Are you struggling to pay bills? Having trouble keeping up with your mortgage payments? Or do you just want to get better at managing your money? Senator Hughes wants to help. He is launching a five-week...

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Our children desperately need solutions to toxic schools

Our children desperately need solutions to toxic schools

    We rang the bell and started another school year Tuesday, Sept. 3. Public school students all over the city of Philadelphia were welcomed to their schools with high fives, handshakes and words of encouragement from city officials, public servants,...

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#400YearsPA honors rich history of African Americans in Pa.

#400YearsPA honors rich history of African Americans in Pa.

Following up on an impassioned request from Senator Hughes this spring, the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission (PHMC) recently launched a powerful social media campaign to honor #400YearsPA. The campaign recognizes the deep, rich history of African...

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The majority of PA’ians want to #raisethewage to $15/hr

The majority of PA’ians want to #raisethewage to $15/hr

    The Republican-controlled General Assembly must act on the will of the people Pennsylvania was once a leader in the minimum wage discussion. Senator Hughes was on the front lines fighting for the people the last time the minimum wage was raised to $6.25...

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The fight for a 21st century education for every student takes a walk!

The fight for a 21st century education for every student takes a walk!

On Monday August 19, Senator Hughes and the Rev. Gregory Holston, executive director of POWER Interfaith, marched from historic Overbook High School in Philadelphia to the modern marvel that is Lower Merion High School in Ardmore. The purpose of their 3.5-mile journey was to shed light on the worlds of differences between two public high schools separated by a mere 8,000 or so steps.

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Join Sheryl and me at District Day

Join Sheryl and me at District Day

Dear Neighbors and Friends - I am thrilled to once again invite you to our annual District Day celebration this Saturday from Noon to 8 p.m at Tustin Recreation Center in West Philadelphia! I'm especially pleased to be partnering with my friends and colleagues, the...

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Jazz Legacy Awards – You’re invited!

Jazz Legacy Awards – You’re invited!

On behalf of my wife, Sheryl Lee Ralph-Hughes, and I, we want to invite you to the Fourth Annual Jazz Legacy Awards.  This year's honorees, Bernard Purdie, Helen Haynes, Gloria Galante, and Germaine Ingram, through their artistic accomplishments, prove that the...

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Join Us for a Breast Cancer Photo Exhibit

Join Us for a Breast Cancer Photo Exhibit

Join us on May 9th at 5 pm at the 30th Street Station for a Breast Cancer Photo Exhibit, 67 Women, 67 Counties: Facing Breast Cancer in Pennsylvania. Click here to RSVP or call 1-800-377-8828 x 3040. About the Exhibit 67 Women, 67 Counties: Facing Breast Cancer in...

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Pennsylvanians deserve affordable higher education

Pennsylvanians deserve affordable higher education

Senator Hughes’ fervent push to address soaring college tuition costs and rising amounts of crippling student loan debt is kicking into high gear this week as he declares March 25-29 “Higher Education Affordability Week”. Senator Hughes remains motivated to address...

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Financing Your College Education

Financing Your College Education

If you’re a high school student thinking about going to college, time is running out! Senator Hughes has put together an all-star group of organizations and resources with the goal of helping you finance your college education. All you need to do is show...

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Raise the minimum Wage NOW!

Raise the minimum Wage NOW!

Time for an economic New Deal for Pa. workersOn Jan. 30, Senator Hughes stood with Gov. Tom Wolf as he introduced his proposal to raise the minimum wage to $12 an hour by July 1. Gov. Wolf’s proposal also called for annual until the minimum wage reaches...

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Feb. 7, 2019 is National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness DayThe HIV/AIDS epidemic continues to disproportionately impact the black community. African Americans accounted for 44 percent of all new HIV infections (17,528 new diagnoses) in 2016, even though they...

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Free college! Time for a New Deal for Pa. college students

Free college! Time for a New Deal for Pa. college students

Senator Hughes renewed his push for the Pennsylvania Promise initiative, a drive to bring free college to all Pennsylvanians, through Senate Bill 111 on Jan. 30. The PA Promise would also provide funding for those pursuing apprenticeships, trades and adult...

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Today we honor the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Today we honor the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

“History will have to record that the greatest tragedy of this period of social transition was not the strident clamor of the bad people, but the appalling silence of the good people.” — Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. On January 1, 2019, the PA Senate passed a resolution...

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Save The Date for “Breaking The Silence”

Save The Date for “Breaking The Silence”

Did you know that nearly 7 million African-American people were diagnosed with a mental illness in the last year? That’s more than the entire populations of Chicago, Houston and Philadelphia combined! That’s why it’s time to break the silence and shatter the stigma...

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No excuses: It’s time to vote

No excuses: It’s time to vote

In the past few months you’ve probably received a message from me encouraging you to register to vote. The election is here. It’s time to vote. Elections, now more than ever, are key in our democracy. Every vote counts. That starts at the local level in...

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10.17.2017: ‘Pathways to Pardons’ Event This Thursday at Drexel University

10.5.2017: Join Us at Neighborhood Fall Festival Oct. 14

9.27.2017: Friday Roundtable to Focus on Voter Access

9.26.2017: Today is National Voter Registration Day

9.22.2017: Must Stop No Health Care/TrumpCare Bill

8.30.2017: How You Can Help Hurricane Harvey Survivors

8.17.2017: We Must Not Be Silent

8.11.2017: Due to Inclement Weather Forecast, Tomorrow’s Block Party with a Purpose is Postponed

8.7.2017: Honoring Voting Rights Act & Increasing Voter Participation

8.3.2017: You’re Invited: Neighborhood Block Party with a Purpose!

7.25.2017: Shame! Health Care Repeal Effort Moves Forward

6.30.2017: There’s Still Time to Sign Up for Summer Reading Program

6.28.207: Absurd! Senate OKs Guns in Classrooms

6.23.2017: Unequal and Insufficient Education Funding in PA Must Come To An End

6.1.2017: First Time Homebuyer Seminar & Energy Conservation Workshop

5.12.2017: #1 Issue in Education – PA’s Unequal Education Funding! Worst in the Nation!

5.8.2017: Success Story! Jobs, Community Revitalization and Fresh Food Come Back to the Neighborhood

5.2.2017: Signups for Obamacare on the Rise

4.26.2017: Attack on Planned Parenthood Comes to the Pennsylvania Senate

4.5.2017: It’s Tax Return Season; See if You Qualify for Tax Credit

4.4.2017: Remembering Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr

2.27.2017: Join Us at Wednesday’s Community Forum

2.22.2017: Turn Anger Into Action at My Upcoming Forum!

2.21.2017: PA Budget Hearings Viewing Schedule

2.13.2017: Fighting Bad Policies that Hurt Women, Families and Workers

2.7.2017: ALERT: Watch Gov. Wolf’s Budget Address Today

2.7.2017: Today is National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

1.31.2017: Today is the LAST DAY to Sign Up for the Affordable Care Act

1.26.2017: You can STILL enroll in Obamacare!

1.19.2017: Just 11 days left to enroll in Obamacare!

1.18.2017: January 31st is the deadline to enroll in Obamacare!

1.4.2017:  Time to Mobilize with Senator Hughes & Rev. Al Sharpton

1.1.2017: Happy New Year from Senator Hughes & Sheryl Lee Ralph-Hughes


12.29.2015: Gov. Wolf Prevents School Closings with Line-Item Budget Veto

12.19.2015: Check Out the Next Big Project in West Philly’s Revitalization

12.14.2015: Here’s What I’m Doing on the Anniversary of the Mass Shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary

12.7.2015: PA Senate Votes 43-7 to Send PA Budget with Record Education Increase to House to End Budget Impasse

12.3.2015: Getting Results: New Affordable Housing Coming to West Philly

11.25.2015: Senator Hughes Invites You to Unleash the Power of Age Expo for Adults 50 +

11.9.2015: Check out my latest opinion piece in the Harrisburg Patriot-News

11.5.2015: Senator Vincent Hughes Celebrates Veterans Day 2015 by Honoring African American Women Veterans

10.22.2015: Help Me Stop the Next Act of Gun Violence

10.15.2015: Pennsylvania Needs a Budget, So GOP Must Compromise

10.7.2015: Republicans Pick Drillers Over Schools, Again

10.4.2015: The deadline to register to vote in the November 3rd election is October 5th.

9.24.2015: Hitting the Streets for Quality Health Insurance!

9.18.2015: You’ll Never Believe the Latest Republican Budget Stunt

8.27.2015: #BREAKING: You Won’t Believe What This Poll Says About the Republican Position on the State Budget

8.18.2015: Please share this video #TaxShaleFundSchools

8.13.2015: You Won’t Believe What’s Happening to Test Scores in Our Public Schools

7.29.2015: Here’s How to Beat the Heat

7.2.2015: Why Governor Tom Wolf Vetoed the Republican Budget

6.25.2015: Major Announcement: More Summer Jobs for Philly Youth!

6.23.2015: Three Reasons Why We Need More Funds for All Schools – Especially Philadelphia

6.8.2015: Live Telephone Town Hall Meeting – June 9th at 6 p.m.

6.3.2015: Sen. Hughes Presents Save our Skills: Read to Succeed Program

5.18.2015: Sen. Hughes Introduces Historic $3.8 Billion Cut in Property Taxes

4.7.2015: Senator Hughes Welcomes Governor Wolf to 7th Senatorial District in West Philadelphia

4.6.2015:  Help Support Drexel Student Zakiya James

3.27.2015: Confronting Racism in PA: Why I Am Supporting Gov. Wolf’s Nominee for PA State Police

3.24.2015: Senator Hughes to Appear on Pa. Cable Network TONIGHT

3.20.2015: Sen. Hughes Introduces Universal Voter Registration Bill to Honor The 50th Anniversary of Bloody Sunday and the Passage of the Voting Rights Act

3.16.2015: ALERT: Senate Budget Hearings Start Today

3.3.2015: ALERT: Governor Wolf to Deliver Budget Address

2.6.2015: Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day Resources

1.14.2015: Top Hughes Staffer Chosen by Governor-Elect to be Budget Secretary

1.12.2015: Important Deadline to Sign up for High Quality, Very Affordable Health Care is Approaching

1.6.2015: Private Panel Discussion & Screening of the Movie Selma


12.24.2014: A Season for Giving Back

12.8.2014: More Bad News for PA: Gov. Corbett Announces $2 Billion Budget Hole

12.2.2014: Additional resources for World AIDS Day

12.1.2014: A Message from Senator Hughes and Sheryl Lee Ralph on World AIDS Day


11.18.2014: Senator Hughes Can Help Get Health Coverage for You and Your Family! 

11.13.2014: Senator Hughes Re-Elected Senate Democratic Appropriations Chairman 

11.10.2014: Please Join Me on Veterans Day

11.5.2014: Please Join Me on Veterans Day

11.3.2014: Vote for Our Schools and Our Kids!

10.31.2014: Your Right to Vote is Under Attack!

10.04.2014: Repaving City Line Ave Thanks to Act 89

09.15.2014: Senate Democrats Call for Pennsylvania Department of Education to Investigate Complaints About School Conditions in Philly Schools 

09.05.2014: Update on your Credit Score

08.26.2014: Documenting School Conditions in Philadelphia

07.10.2014: Save our Skills Summer Reading Program

07.07.2014: 5th Annual Community of Giving Blood Drives in Memory of E. Steven Collins

6.18.2014: Solution #2 for PA’s Budget Deficit & Education Funding Crisis: Shale Tax for Schools

6.11.2014: Solution #1 for PA’s Budget Dilemma and Education Funding Crisis: Expand Medicaid and Save PA $400 Million

5.9.2014: #BringBackOurGirls: PA Senate Unanimously Passes Resolution in Support of Victims of Nigerian Kidnapping

4.25.2014: PHEAA Financial Aid For College Deadline Approaching!

4.14.2014: Time to Tax Natural Gas Drilling to Fund Education

4.3.2014: Tomorrow: Breaking the Silence on Mental Wellness

3.26.2014: Register Now for Breaking the Silence: A Summit on Mental Wellness

3.25.2014: Action Alert: Fund Our Schools / Tax Marcellus Shale Rally

3.18.2014: Time is Running Out to Get Affordable Health Insurance

2.18.2014: Join Senator Hughes THIS Saturday to Get Health Insurance

2.12.2014: Gov. Corbett’s “Healthy PA” vs. Healthcare for All

2.10.2014: Governor Corbett’s “Proposed” 2014-2015 Education Budget

1.28.2014: West Philly, Get Covered Thanks to Obamacare!

1.22.2014: The Affordable Care Act is Working 

1.17.2014: Test Scores Fall Because of Education Funding Cuts

1.16.2014: Mr. President: Don’t Buy Governor Corbett’s Health-care Plan


12.11.2013: PA Senate Honors the Life of Nelson Mandela

11.26.2013: Senate Democrats Offer Plan to Create 80,000 Jobs to Put People Back to Work

11.19.2013: Help Available to Understand Health Insurance Options

10.30.2013: First in A Series: The Crisis in Education Funding!

10.1. 2013: Health Care for All: The Affordable Care Act/Obamacare Starts October 1, 2013! Enroll Now!

9.30.2013: Learn How to Get Health Coverage in the Insurance Marketplace

9.24.2013: Why It’s Time to Raise the Minimum Wage

8.14.2013: Tell the Governor to Send $45 million to Philly Schools

8.7.2013: Save Our Skills: Free Reading Program for Students

7.25.2013: Update on Philadelphia School District Funding Crisis: $138 Million response to $180 Million Request

7.11.2013: How We Can Create Jobs in PA

7.1.2013: Huge Victory in Senate on Medicaid Expansion

6.24.2013:  Time for Big Push to Expand Health-Care

6.19.2013: How We Can Solve the Statewide School Funding Crisis

6.13.2013: Medicaid Expansion: Helps Others, Help Yourself

6.11.2013: Hughes Hosts “Welcome Home Hero: You’re Not Alone”

6.62013: PA Senate Passes Attack on Women’s Reproductive Health-Care Services

6.4.2013: 2013-14 State Budget -Stop the Cuts, Put the People First

5.7.2013: Free Dental Clinics in Pennsylvania

5.6.2013: Fresh Food Access Initiative for Urban Food Deserts

4.12.2013: Another Study Comes Out in Support of Medicaid 

3.25.2013: Pennsylvania’s Job Picture: Wrong Direction, Unemployment Up, New Job Creation Down 

3.8.2013: A True Look at Basic Education Funding In Pennsylvania

3.6.2013: Senators Hughes, Ferlo, and Senate Democratic Appropriations Committee to Hold Hearing on Medicaid Expansion in Pittsburgh 

2.26.2013: LEGISLATIVE UPDATE: Another Republican Governor Decides to Expand Medicaid, It’s Time for Gov. Corbett to Follow Suit

2.25.2013: Steep Federal Spending Cuts Will Have Serious Impacts on Pennsylvania

2.22.2013:  As Another Governor Decides to Expand Medicaid Under the Affordable Care Act, Governor Corbett Continues to Stall

2.19.2013: Getting Philly Covered: The Promise and Opportunity of the New Health Care Law

2.19.2013: Senate Appropriations Committee 2013-14 Budget Hearings Begin Today

2.7.2013: Governor Corbett Must Make the Right Choice for Pennsylvania: Expand the Medicaid Program, Bring Billions of Dollars to PA and Help the Uninsured

1.29.2013: Senate Democratic Appropriations Committee Hosts Health Care Reform Discussion

1.23.2013: Sen. Democratic Appropriations Committee to Hold Public Discussion on the President’s New Health Care Reform Plan

1.16.2013: President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden Unveil Proposals to Reduce Gun Violence

1.14.2013: Devastating Fire in West Philadelphia Highlights the Need for Fire Safety and Prevention Awareness

1.9.2013: Philadelphia School District Superintendent Releases Action Plan

1.8.2013: Senator Hughes Sworn-In to Fifth Full Term in PA Senate – Jobs to be Top Priority