Generations of Unconstitutional and Inadequate Education Funding Have Forced Schools Across PA to Not Open on Time

This week, the Philadelphia Inquirer took a look at why over 80 Philadelphia public schools had to dismiss early on their first week back to school. Because many schools did not have air conditioning, students missed important learning time as they kicked off the new academic year.  

While the immediate issue is a lack of air conditioning, what we’re really seeing is the result of decades of historic underfunding in our schools.

We have the court ruling and we have the money.

Pennsylvania has $8 billion dollars in surplus revenue and $5.3 billion dollars in the rainy day fund. And a Commonwealth Court judge issued an 800-page court decision that says Pennsylvania funds it’s schools unconstitutionally and inadequately. The judge ruled that this must be fixed.

It’s time for lawmakers to act, now.

Senator Hughes explain why we need to act now to fix Pennsylvania’s education funding system.

An Important Step Toward Fixing Education Funding

Basic Education Funding Commission

Starting next week, lawmakers will hold a series of meetings to hear from school districts, educators, and experts about what is needed to fully and adequately fund our schools. We’ll be discussing where investments, like in air conditioning, are needed most and how much Pennsylvania should be investing in schools and education.  

Senator Hughes will be participating in all 10 of these meetings to advocate for full and fair funding for schools in Pennsylvania.

We strongly encourage our constituents to watch these meetings and learn more about the solutions and funding that is being discussed. We want everyone in the 7th District to be engaged in this fight.

When our schools succeed, our communities succeed.

Click this link to watch the meetings online. We’ve included the meeting schedule below.

September 12 in Allentown

September 13 in Harrisburg

September 14 in Philadelphia

September 21 in Lancaster

September 28 in Hanover

October 5 in Hazleton

October 11 in Pittsburgh

October 12 in Lemont Furnace

November 2 in Enola

November 9 in Bedford

The public can also submit comments to be entered into the record via the Contact Us section of the commission’s website.

A good education is a tool that every student should have access to, no matter their address or family income. Senator Hughes is committed to fighting for what’s right for our students, teachers, and parents.

Please reach out to our office if you have questions or if you’d like to learn more about our fight to fully and adequately fund our schools.