STOP THE GUN VIOLENCE: Pass commonsense gun laws now!

Gun Safety Press Conference

Commonsense gun laws are one step away in PA

The Pennsylvania House of Representatives recently passed two, commonsense gun bills that would make communities throughout the commonwealth safer. The bills- HB1018 and HB 714– would:

1. Create a “Red Flag Law” or Extreme Risk Protection Order that would temporarily remove guns from the possession of individuals who are an immediate threat to themselves or others.

  • Red flag laws empower loved ones and law enforcement to respond when someone is showing warning signs that they are a risk to themselves or others around them.

2. Require ALL gun purchases be processed through the State Police Background Check system

  • This law would close Pennsylvania’s “gun show loophole” by expanding background checks to include private purchases of long-guns.

Senator Hughes joined Senate Democrats and Lt. Governor Austin Davis to echo House Democrats’ and Governor Shapiro’s call for action on gun legislation and advocate for the movement of these bills in the Senate.

A “yes” vote in the Senate would bring these bills to Governor Shapiro’s desk and he is ready to sign them into law. Senate Democrats are ready to move these bills and they called on their Republican colleagues, who are in the majority in the PA Senate and therefore control the calendar of bills to be voted on, to join them in the fight to #EndGunViolence.

Gun Safety Press Conference

PA is one step away from implementing simple, commonsense gun legislation that has support from a majority of Americans. PA is one step away from giving individuals tools that will keep communities safer.

End Gun Violence Now.