Fund Our Schools Equitably and Adequately

Senator Vincent Hughes

When it comes to our schools, with a $9B surplus, a $5.1B Rainy Day Fund, a Commonwealth Court decision, and no Republican appeals, we should fund our schools NOW!

If not now, when?

In February, the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania ruled that our public school funding education system is unconstitutional. The decision gave state lawmakers a responsibility to collaborate on a bipartisan basis to address inequities and inadequacies in Pennsylvania’s school funding system. As of Friday, at 5PM that court ruling became final and is no longer open for appeal. Now, students, teachers, parents, and communities continue to wait and see how lawmakers will correct an outdated and discriminatory funding system that often disadvantages low income students.

The TLDR: No more delays. No more stalling. It’s time for Pennsylvania lawmakers to adequately and equitably fund public schools.

Pennsylvania has $9 billion dollars in surplus funds, $5.1 billon dollars in the Rainy Day fund, and a Commonwealth Court decision that says our public school funding system is unconstitutional.

We have the resources, and we have a court ruling that we must respond to. If we don’t take action to solve this funding crisis now, when will we?

We must ACT NOW to ensure every student in Philadelphia and the Commonwealth has access to quality education and learning opportunities.

“We’ve seen decades of underfunding in our public schools, and we cannot wait any longer to correct that legacy of disinvestment. We already have a funding commission in place. I urge my Republican colleagues to convene those meetings at once, so we can do the work to provide resources for our public schools.”