In Honor of Dr. King, PA Needs Education Justice Now!

Pennsylvania’s current school funding formula creates a separate and unequal system that hurts children all across the commonwealth. I stood with a number of elected officials, education advocates, students and teachers April 5 – a day after the 53rd anniversary of the assassination of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. – to call for fully funding Pennsylvania’s fair funding formula so that we can finally have education equality in Pennsylvania.

Dr. King spoke out against injustice of every kind before his tragic death, and what is happening in our state is nothing short of a systemic injustice. The entire commonwealth suffers by not getting this done, and as a result the nation suffers. Nearly 60 percent of jobs require higher education of some kind (college, certification, professional training, etc.) and we are only producing 47 percent of the workers who meet those requirements. We are suffering and we are suffering dramatically.

The governor’s proposal is important to ensuring Pennsylvania is able to “provide a thorough and efficient system of public education to serve the needs of the Commonwealth.” That is ultimately what is most important about this issue and I ask that you stand with me for this fight. 

BREAKING: Court sets schedule paving way for fall trial to #FundOurSchoolsPA

Gov. Tom Wolf is proposing a funding solution that would ensure the fair funding formula is fully funded this year, rather than waiting the 25 years it would take for gradual implementation of the current plan. That would be a major jumpstart for generations of young learners.


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