New Vaccine Outreach Grant Program

New Grant Program to Help Community Heroes Spread the Word

Senator Vincent Hughes

Governor Wolf visited Strawberry Mansion today to talk about a new grant program that will support the efforts of community organizations conducting outreach on COVID-19 vaccines.  

Vaccine Outreach GrantThe $5 million COVID-19 Vaccine Outreach Grant Program is available to eligible organizations, including non-profits, child care, and educational institutions. The program will provide grants from $10,000 up to $100,000 to support proactive, targeted outreach efforts such as sponsorship of vaccine-related community events, equipment rental to assist with setting vaccine appointments, local media buys, creation of outreach and training materials and more. 

We were joined by medical professionals who are doing heroic work trying to end this pandemic by reaching out to the reluctant and battling misinformation that has spread through our communities. State support for this effort will help keep the momentum going and the work spreading street by street and house by house.

Governor Wolf thanked heroes for their service and urged them to reach out to colleagues about the grant program that can help fuel further efforts to reach underserved communities.

Gov. Wolf“There are many trusted grassroots organizations that are using their established relationships in our communities to raise awareness, reduce hesitancy and address barriers to vaccine access. This grant program will put money and resources into the hands of the best people to do this work,” he said.

While Philadelphia’s overall vaccination rate for those 12 and older has climbed close to 70 percent, the rate is still lagging in Black and brown sections of the city where distrust of the medical establishment is ingrained.

In Strawberry Mansion, for instance, under 50 percent of the population is fully vaccinated.  That’s not enough to keep people safe as new variants threaten.  Let’s all join in the effort to get the facts and get the vax. 

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