Hughes and Colleagues Announce Historic Education Plan

$3.75 billion would be the largest in education funding ever

The Full Funding Education Plan

This week, along with House Democrats and education advocates, I announced a school budget plan that would represent the largest investment in public education in Pennsylvania history.

The $3.75 billion outline — the Full Funding Plan — would take advantage of an expected $6 billion year-end state revenue balance to address generational inequity, crumbling school infrastructure and staffing problems exacerbated by the pandemic.

Pennsylvania’s insufficient and unequal school system was put under a harsh spotlight by the pandemic, putting in focus the struggles faced by students, parents and teachers in underfunded districts. We now have a historic opportunity to correct that legacy and provide every student with the resources and opportunities they deserve.

The plan would make significant investments in the following areas:

  • $1.1 billion into the Fair Funding Formula
  • $750 million into Level Up (targets 200 districts with the most inequitable funding, and largest adequacy gap)
  • $1.1 billion into remediating toxic schools
  • $250 million into historic staffing problems
  • $125 million into mental health supports
  • $100 million into academic supports
The Full Funding Plan

We are confident in the sustainability of this plan because Pennsylvania is experiencing an unprecedented revenue surplus due to a huge economic turnaround aided by federal investments. There can be no more excuses for toxic schools and inequality of opportunity. We are sitting on the largest pool of unspent funds in Pennsylvania history.

State revenues are on track to outperform estimates by well over $2 billion, while nearly $2.2 billion of American Rescue Plan funds remain unused. Pennsylvania’s strong revenues combined with federal assistance will result in a year-end balance of well over $6 billion.

To find out more about the “Full Funding Plan,” and to join the movement, click here.

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