Sen. Hughes delivers 5k masks to seniors; hosts #StopTheVirus telephone town hall

This week was a big week for the #StopTheVirus campaign Sheryl and I have launched. We got 5,000 masks to seniors in the 7th Senatorial District and will continue to deliver masks through the end of the year. 

Public health officials are encouraging people to wear two masks, which is why we acted to help our seniors double their protection. Click here for some tips to tips to make your masks more effective.

If you missed my #StopTheVirus telephone town hall with the latest information on the COVID-19 response, vaccine and answers to critical questions, you can listen to that below:

I am thankful to my guests Dr. Priscilla Mpasi, an attending physician at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and Regional Chairperson for the National Medical Association (NMA), Dr. Bill King, an attending physician with the Pediatric and Adolescent Center of Philadelphia and vice president of the local NMA chapter, and Justin Harlem, policy advisor for the Philadelphia Department of Public Health. A lot of good information was shared in the conversation and it is worth a listen.

Remember, you can do your part in the #StopTheVirus campaign by doing these three things: Get a mask, get the test, get the vaccine.