Ghost Guns Must Be Stopped and Regulated

On Monday, I stood with Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro as he announced a deal with Pennsylvania’s largest firearms show promoter, which will end the sale of untraceable ‘ghost gun’ kits as its shows.

Ghost guns are a serious danger to public safety. Eighty ghost guns have been seized in Philadelphia this year. To put that into perspective, 250 ghost guns were seized in the city in 2020. It is critical our state legislature move quickly to address this issue, especially as we see a dramatic increase in gun violence in our communities. We must do more to protect our communities from gun violence.

I am proud to lead in the fight to get ghost guns out of our communities. Alongside my colleague Senator Wayne Fontana, I have introduced legislation that would regulate ghost guns and 3D printed guns.

I have also introduced legislation that would require universal background checks for all firearms purchases, alongside my colleague Senator Steve Santarsiero. Additionally, I have introduced a number of proposals that would prohibit weapons in public parks, establish the Pennsylvania Center for Gun Violence Research, require firearms training for those with concealed carry permits, and other critical measures aimed at addressing the various aspects of gun violence.

In order to make these commonsense policies a reality, I need you to call your legislators and tell them to support these measures. There is no singular solution to addressing our gun violence epidemic and it will take a concerted legislative effort to bring about change in the city of Philadelphia and across Pennsylvania. Our friends at CeaseFirePA have a great website explaining how you can act on the critical gun violence initiatives we must adopt in the commonwealth. Please take some time to learn more about these issues, so that we can improve public safety in our communities.