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Absurd! Senate OKs Guns in Classrooms

Our schools need books, not bullets!

The Senate today voted on Senate Bill 383, which would give school boards the authority to allow certain school employees to carry firearms on school property. 

Senator Hughes Remarks on SB 383 Allowing Guns in Schools
June 28, 2017: Senator Hughes Remarks on SB 383

I joined almost every Democrat and several Republicans to oppose this ridiculous legislation, which passed the Senate by a vote of 28-22.

At a time when we should be focused on addressing the inequities in school funding, instead we’re giving school board the power to allow individuals in our public schools to carry firearms. This won’t improve safety in our schools. Instead, it will put innocent lives at risk. Studies show that keeping a gun in the home raises the risk of homicide; the same argument could be used to apply to keeping guns in schools.

One of my colleagues read a letter on the Senate floor from a group of teachers who survived the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy in Newtown, Conn. and who adamantly oppose this legislation.

Our teachers are focused on educating our children. They also do an incredible job of keeping them safe every day. Instead of arming teachers with guns, the state legislature should be focusing on providing them with the funding and the resources so that they have the tools they need and deserve to give our children a quality public education.

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