PHILADELPHIA, Sept. 8, 2011 – Senator Vincent Hughes (D – Philadelphia/Montgomery) sat down with constituents to watch President Obama’s televised jobs proposal and receive feedback on their employment struggles and suggestions for moving forward.

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“In order to make the best policies and legislative decisions, it is critical we know what the people in our communities are going through everyday – what difficulties they have in finding jobs and how they think we can recover from this recession,” said Hughes. “It is why I sat down in a constituent’s home tonight and gathered around the television with neighbors.”

This evening’s conversation at a constituent’s home in West Philadelphia is the first in a series of talks the Senator plans to have with constituents, changing the venue weekly but keeping the talks intimate.

President Obama presented his plan for jobs creation, which included numerous roads and bridges that need rebuilding in the United States, and over one million unemployed construction workers are available to build them. He said that with widespread suffering, the time for Washington games is over and lawmakers must move quickly to create jobs.

The Senator concurred, pointing out that it is crucial everyone puts away the petty politics that divide and work hard to find the economic solutions that provide family sustaining jobs, and brings the country together.

The Senator will continue to post on Facebook and Twitter (SenatorHughes) his thoughts on the jobs crisis, as well as the feedback he receives from his constituents. Be sure to follow him there and visit Senator Hughes at for the latest information.

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