Senator Vincent Hughes

Harrisburg, May 7, 2019 − Senator Vincent J. Hughes (D-Philadelphia/Montgomery) stood with legislative members of the Task Force on Lead Exposure for a press conference to discuss the legislative recommendations that were part of ‘Lead Exposure Risks and Response in Pennsylvania: Report of the Advisory Committee and Task Force on Lead Exposure. ’Senator Hughes, a longtime advocate for lead testing, remediation and clean ups across the state, said the following in response to the report:

“We’re here in a bipartisan fashion to aggressively provide real solutions to help thousands of homes, schools, childcare facilities and water sources,” Sen. Hughes said. “I think we can bring something significant home before we leave here at the end of June. I’m prepared to stand with everyone and move this issue forward. It is our responsibility to fix this for the people of Pennsylvania.”

The advisory committee and task force made the following recommendations, several of which are being addressed through legislation announced at today’s press conference:

  • Require universal blood screenings for children;
  • Mandate inspections/certifications of child-care facilities with vulnerable populations;
  • Ensure safe housing is available to families through a residential rental property certification program;
  • Establish a statewide rental housing registry;
  • Establish a lead abatement grant program to assist property owners in conducting lead abatement;
  • Establish an interagency council to coordinate implementation of lead prevention programs and policies among the relevant state agencies;
  • Require all school drinking water systems to be inspected and certified;
  • Clarify plumbing system lead ban;
  • Permit municipal authorities operating public drinking water system to replace lateral lead service lines;
  • Require lead service line replacements and restrict partial lead water service line replacements;
  • Adopt the Uniform Property Maintenance Code; and
  • Provide guidance on private well construction.