Pennsylvania is working to make sure we #CountEveryVote

Be patient as election officials work to count the remaining legally-cast ballots

It’s been three days since Election Day and the nation’s eyes are on a handful of states whose final voting tallies have yet to be finalized. Pennsylvania is among those states and our poll workers earnestly and diligently count outstanding mail ballots from this record-setting election.

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Two things must be made clear in understanding the situation we find ourselves in after this historic election. One, the Republican-controlled legislature did not act to address the issues we knew would arise to help count mail ballots more quickly. No matter how long it may take, we want to make sure every vote counts. There are still legally-cast mail ballots that have yet to be counted and they count just the same as those cast on election day.

Count all the votes

Secondly, this is just the beginning of the push to build a better commonwealth for our people. Just as they ignored the need to ensure mail ballots were counted in a timely fashion, the Republican-controlled General Assembly has pushed back on critical policies to help improve our schools, provide a living wage, protect our health care and so much more. I am working with the We Go Together Pennsylvania Coalition on the lingering election issues, as well as the framework that will help create a better commonwealth.

I ask for your continued patience as we work to ensure every vote counts. Thank you to those who voted and made their voice heard! 

Remember: We are still in the middle of a pandemic. Public health and safety remains our top priority. Wear your mask, practice social distancing and follow public health officials’ recommendations to stay safe and help us overcome the coronavirus COVID-19.

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