Tell Sen. Toomey to support the HEROES Act

Our people need a comprehensive recovery plan

Our communities are still reeling from the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic and are in desperate need of help from the federal government.

As a means to help those who are struggling across this nation, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the $3 trillion Health and Economic Recovery Omnibus Emergency Solutions (HEROES) Act in Mayo. Here are some of the key areas where the HEROES Act would help our communities:

  • Prorroga las prestaciones por desempleo de 600 dólares semanales hasta enero de 2021
  • Second round of economic impact or stimulus payments
  • Amplía la ayuda alimentaria a niños y familias
  • Hazard pay for essential workers
  • Ayuda a las pequeñas empresas
  • Funding for COVID-19 testing and contract tracing
  • Student loan forgiveness
  • Ayudas para nuestras escuelas y gobiernos locales

Unfortunately, the HEROES Act has stalled in the U.S. Senate. Republican leaders are proposing an insufficient $1 trillion plan that does not do enough to help people in need.

Our loved ones, friends and neighbors are at risk of losing their homes. The budgets of our cities, as well as our municipal and state governments are billions of dollars short. People don’t have food to eat. We still do not have enough virus testing or contact tracing. We are still in the middle of a pandemic and need substantive federal relief!

Sen. Bob Casey supports the HEROES Act, but the commonwealth’s other U.S. Senator, Pat Toomey, does not. Call Sen. Toomey at 202-224-3121 and tell him to support the HEROES Act because we cannot afford to ignore the needs of our people as we continue to recover from this generational public health crisis.

Ley de Héroes

RECORDATORIO:Pensilvania está en la Fase Verde, pero todavía necesitamos que lleven sus máscaras cuando entren en negocios y puedan interactuar con grandes grupos de personas. Es fundamental que tomemos las medidas necesarias para seguir frenando la propagación del coronavirus COVID-19.