This morning, the Supreme Court released its decision in the Janus vs AFSCME case. The ruling dealt a crushing blow to workers and unions, a gut-punch to the middle class by the Trump administration.

Protest against Janus Decision at 6th and Market in Philadelphia on June 27, 2018.Unions built the middle class and when they are weakened, the state’s workers feel the impact — especially here in Pennsylvania where wages could take a major hit. This decision will now limit and reduce union membership, undermine financial resources and weaken organizing and bargaining capabilities of workers throughout Pennsylvania.

Studies have shown that in states where public sector workers can opt out of contributing to unions, workers earn $1,558 less for a typical full-time, year-round worker. Data also shows that workers in those states earn 12.1 percent less in annual pay than workers in other states.

I am working with fellow legislators in Pennsylvania to help maintain and strengthen collective bargaining rights under the Public Employee Relations Act. We can still do our part to protect workers in Pennsylvania and I intend on making that a top priority.

The right to work really means the right to work for less

Elizabeth Tandy Shermer | The Washington Post | April 24, 2018

For more than 70 years, supposedly nonpartisan groups, big businesses, wealthy donors and small firms have been devoting time and money to guarantee that Americans would have the right to work — for less.