PHILADELPHIA – October 30, 2020 – State Senator Vincent Hughes, Urban League President & CEO Andrea Custis and a number of faith leaders, including the Rev. Jesse Jackson, united Friday morning to announce the Multi-Faith Souls to the Polls Weekend.

The Multi-Faith Souls to the Polls Weekend was announced Friday morning during a Zoom press conference. This weekend’s efforts are a coordinated partnership to help get voters to satellite election offices and drop boxes ahead of the Nov. 3 election.

“This is a call to action prior to the most important election of our lifetime,” Sen. Hughes said. “We want to make sure every vote is counted, and we’ve called on our faith leaders to help get folks to the polls this weekend. Getting mail ballots returned as soon as possible is key to ensuring this election runs smoothly.”

Faith leaders in the community are taking the following action steps to help get souls to the polls:

  • Assisting with rides to the polls
  • Participating in voting hotlines
  • Distributing literature and Door Hangers in the community
  • Setting up a food truck at polling locations
  • Powerful Voting/Inspiration Calls to get the word out and stress the importance of voting
  • Social Media, Ads, Commercial, PSA
  • Participating in Phone Banks

“We’re in the last phase of the election process,” Custis said. “We have to put all of our efforts into getting souls to the polls. I cannot stress how serious this election is for black and brown communities. We have housing, education, health – everything is at stake. I thank our faith leaders for joining us in these efforts.”

The Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr. spoke to the need to protect health care, racial equity, the integrity of the courts and and number of critical issues in pushing for people to get mail ballots returned early and to get souls to the polls on Tuesday. As a part of get out the vote efforts, Sen. Hughes is partnering with Rodney McLeod, of the Philadelphia Eagles, and his wife Erika, to help get people to the polls on Election Day

If you missed the virtual press event, you can watch or download the full video here.