Senator Hughes took to the Senate floor to address an amendment to Senate Bill 22, which was designed to address redistricting reform, but was hijacked to set up a system that would elect Supreme, Superior and Commonwealth court judges by districts rather than state wide.

This is unfair to the people of Pennsylvania who deserve an equitable system, as well as those who fought to make the process fair.

Pa. Senate amends congressional redistricting bill with controversial change for judicial elections

Katie Meyer | WITF | June 13, 2018

“We were going to have this grand, glorious conversation about redistricting reform,” said State Sen. Vincent Hughes (D-Philadelphia). “But the real move was to stick this piece in here because they’re not happy with the Supreme Court’s decision around congressional redistricting.”

Pa. Senate passes redistricting reform bill that includes controversial judicial election change

Jan Murphy | PennLive | June 13, 2018

“What started out as relatively pure process was hijacked 72 hours ago with a new concept that hasn’t been publicly discussion for almost seven years,” Hughes said. “That’s what this is about.”

Pa. Senate passes anti-gerrymandering bill with ‘poison pill’ judicial districting amendment

Jonathan Lai, Gillian McGoldrick & Liz Navratil | | June 13, 2018

“What we have now is a hijacked concept … that utilized the energy and the commitment of individuals to try to make a difference,” State Sen. Vincent Hughes (D., Philadelphia) said on the Senate floor.

GOP muscles judicial election change into redistricting bill

Mark Scolforo | The Associated Press | June 12, 2018

Pennsylvania Senate votes to change the way state judges are elected. Here’s why

Morning Call Staff | June 12, 2018

Senate passes controversial redistricting plan

Stacy M. Brown | Philadelphia Tribune | June 15, 2018