The 2020 Election is 43 days away, sign up to vote by mail today!

Don’t send a naked ballot if you’re voting by mail

The 2020 Election is 43 days away and I want to continue to provide the latest updates on the vote-by-mail process.

You can apply to vote by mail today or get more information about the process at

It’s safe, secure and protects public health by lowering the number of people physically going to the polls as we still are in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Be sure you follow all of the rules for voting by mail, including returning your ballot in both envelopes as instructed. Pennsylvania uses a two-envelope mail ballot system, which means all completed ballots must be returned in two envelopes – an inner envelope containing the ballot, and the larger mailing envelope the voter signs.

Naked ballots” are ballots without the secrecy envelope protecting the mail-in ballot and will not be counted. Because this is a new process, Commissioner Lisa Deeley Chairperson of the Philadelphia City Commissioners is trying to get the word out to eliminate naked ballots and ensure that every vote counts.

Complete the 2020 Census today!

The Sept. 30 deadline to complete the census is also fast approaching. Please respond to the census today. About $21,000 will be lost in our communities for each person who isn’t counted properly.

REMINDER: Pennsylvania has reopened with some restrictions, which is why we still need you to wear your masks. That means any time you’ll be around people in closed confines, when you go into businesses, and any other time recommended by public health or private business guidance. It is critical we take the necessary steps to continue to slow the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19.