Frigid temperatures have been brutal this season and it is important that all citizens familiarize themselves with ways to keep safe in this weather.

Freezing pipes, loss of heat, and power outages can occur due to the below freezing temperatures being experienced this time of year.

Learning helpful tips and keeping a list of important utility contact numbers are simple steps to ensure that your home and your family can remain safe and warm during this cold season.

If residents need help in accessing help for heating costs, the state’s Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program is available. 

Below are contact numbers if you are experiencing weather related issues in your home.

If you need assistance paying for heating costs:LIHEAP


If you are experiencing a power outage:

  • PECO – 1-800-841-4141

If you are experiencing a natural gas issue:

  • PECO – 1-800-841-4141 – (Montgomery County Residents)
  • Philadelphia Gas Works – (215) 235-1212 – (Philadelphia County Residents)

If you need to report a water main break:

* If your home pipes are frozen, contact a certified plumber in your area. Please refrain from calling the numbers above for they will not be able to assist you for frozen pipes. Check out the cold water tips and video below for more helpful information.

Snow and ice also present risk for accidents! 
Remember to shovel and salt your sidewalks!

Cold Weather Tips

Step 1 - Water Valve Identify the location of the shut-off valves for your water main, usually near the water meter. In emergencies, use the house-side shutoff valve to shut off your water supply. Step 1 - Insulate Wrap and insulate all water pipes in unheated areas, like your basement. Pay close attention to pipes near exterior walls, especially in kitchens and bathrooms.
Step 2 Keep water meter above 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Step 1 - Drip Let faucet run at a trickle overnight during extremely cold weather. It costs only pennies, and the moving water will help prevent the pipes from freezing.
Step 3 - windows II Repair or replace broken exterior windows. Cover windows with plasticand caulk windows near water meters and pipes. When cold air blows on a pipe, it increases the risk of freezing. Step 1 - Hose Disconnect garden hoses and winterize the outdoor faucet. Most outdoor faucets have a dedicated shutoff valve inside; use that valve, and leave the outside faucet open to drain the remaining section of pipe.
To get a printable, .pdf version of these tips, click here

Keeping out the Cold

Keeping Out the Cold
Watch Video
Cold Weather Tips and Keeping Out the Cold from Philadelphia Water Department