Open Enrollment Runs Nov. 1 to Dec. 15

Enrollment is now OPEN for individuals and families who need health coverage through the Affordable Care Act for 2018.

The ACA has improved the lives of a million Pennsylvanians, helping 711,000 individuals access coverage through Medicaid expansion and another 426,000 who purchased coverage on the individual marketplace.  

But the Trump Administration is trying to undermine this landmark health plan by reducing the enrollment period to just six weeks and limiting the flow of information on how folks can sign up.

My staff and I are not deterred by Trump’s efforts to limit enrollment in health coverage. We’re ready to guide you toward the right information and let you know exactly where to go to view information. Stop by or call my office for guidance.

Learn more about your options under the Affordable Care Act and enroll in coverage now through Dec. 15 at Please note that the website will be unavailable on Sunday mornings between midnight and noon during the enrollment period.

We have created a one-stop shop on the Affordable Care Act. Visit

The Pennsylvania Insurance Department is also an excellent resource for learning about your options: