I can’t stress enough how important the 2020 Election is for the future of our democracy. That’s why we need everyone to get out and have their voice heard though the ballot.

But you can’t vote if you’re not registered so why not do that today on National Voter Registration Day? It’s easy to do and only takes a few minutes to do. Just make sure you have your driver’s license or social security card and you can register today. Don’t wait!

If you’re already registered to vote, thank you. You can check your voter registration status online here, as well as find your polling place and see to which districts you belong.

Time is running out. We are 42 days away from the general election be sure you’re ready to vote in person or vote by mail.

Finally, please complete the 2020 Census and make sure you let your community know its importance. Our communities stand to lose about $21,000 for each person who is not counted. We must make sure everyone is counted!

REMINDER: Pennsylvania has reopened with some restrictions, which is why we still need you to wear your masks. That means any time you’ll be around people in closed confines, when you go into businesses, and any other time recommended by public health or private business guidance. It is critical we take the necessary steps to continue to slow the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19.