Harrisburg – June 10, 2013 – Today, Senator Vincent Hughes called on Gov. Tom Corbett to accept more than $4 billion in federal funding to expand Medicaid in Pennsylvania. Sen. Hughes called for the savings generated by expansion to be invested in public schools across the state, including the Philadelphia School District which just sent layoff notices to more than 3,700 educators on Friday, June 7th.

“Gov. Corbett has given away more than $1 billion in tax cuts to mostly big corporations, forcing public schools across Pennsylvania into a funding crisis,” said Sen. Hughes. “The Philadelphia School District’s decision to send layoff notices to more than 3,700 hardworking employees is just one symptom of this statewide problem. I call on Gov. Corbett to expand Medicaid and redirect the savings into fiscally troubled schools in every corner of the Commonwealth.”

Last week, Senate Democrats introduced a state budget proposal that included Medicaid expansion. The plan directs the savings to partially help fund more than $6.7 billion in classroom education funding.  It would include $71 million in additional funding for the Philadelphia School Distinct, which would have a sizable impact on the overall budget deficit faced by the district. The plan offered by Senate Democrats includes increases in the Accountability Block Grant, Charter School Reimbursement, and Distressed School District Allocation.

“Senate Democrats have shown that we can generate the additional funds that our schools so desperately need,” said Sen. Hughes. “I call on Gov. Corbett to accept the federal funds to expand Medicaid and use the savings to save our schools, starting with the unacceptable budget offered by the School District of Philadelphia.”