Senator Hughes

Harrisburg, PA – June 5, 2024 – This week, Senator Hughes shared a co-sponsorship memo to introduce new legislation designed to support public sector unions in the Commonwealth.

The legislation would establish the Public Employer Disclosure Act (PEDA) which would statutorily require the periodic transmission of public employee information to public sector unions. The information shared with public sector unions would include public employee contact and work-related information. Additionally, the legislation would require public employers to provide public sector unions with time and space to meet with public employees.

“Unions support the well-being of workers and their interests. When we take measures to support unions, we’re ultimately supporting better wages, safer workplace environments, and a pro-worker economy,” said Senator Hughes.

Interest and support for unionization among workers has risen since 2019, showing a real appetite for more information about what unions can offer employees and a workplace. Connecticut, New York, and Washington have already enacted similar laws to ensure unions are able to openly communicate and connect with public sector employees.

Pennsylvania public unions including SEIU, AFSCME, PFT, AFTPA, PSEA, and APSCUF are supportive of the legislation.

Steve Catanese, SEIU Local 668 President, explained, “The Public Employer Disclosure Act would provide a vital resource to protect workers’ rights, ensuring working people and their union can freely communicate. In some workplaces, employers attempt to deny workers the basic rights to organize and freely associate as a union; instead, this bill will protect and enhance workers’ rights. SEIU is excited to support this legislation to strengthen union workers’ rights across the Commonwealth.”

“Union representation is a choice, but it always, always needs to be an informed choice,” said Aaron Chapin, PSEA President. “Employees absolutely need to know what unions can offer them, and employers need to make sure that their employees can receive information about their options for union membership. Senator Hughes’ bill recognizes that this is the only fair approach, and PSEA is pleased to support it.”

A full version of the co-sponsorship memo can be viewed online.