Senator Vincent Hughes

Harrisburg, PA– On Friday, the Pennsylvania Senate passed HB 1100, a bill that would amend the Property Tax and Rent Rebate (PT/RR) Program to expand eligible income thresholds to include an additional 173,000 individuals and to increase the maximum rebate amount for recipients.

Senator Vincent Hughes, Democratic Appropriations Chair, joined 43 other Democrat and Republican Senators in voting “yes” to pass the expansion on a bipartisan basis.

Income limits for the PT/RR Program haven’t increased since 2007. Over 16 years, the number of eligible recipients of the PT/RR Program has dropped from roughly 600,000 individuals to a projected 398,000 in the current year.

Senator Hughes shared the following statement in response to the bill being one step away from Governor Shapiro’s desk for signature:

“Expanding Pennsylvania’s Property Tax and Rent Rebate program has been a priority for Democrats for almost twenty years. With HB 1100, we’ll provide more financial relief to more seniors.

We know seniors have struggled with inflation and the rising cost of property taxes and housing. Expanding a program that puts money back into pockets of low-income senior citizens is the right thing to do.

This bill was already supported in the House, and I was proud to see it pass with bipartisan support in the Senate. Governor Shapiro is behind this effort. We’re very close to getting this done for people in Pennsylvania who will greatly benefit from this investment.”