PHILADELPHIA — Sept. 9, 2020 — State Senator Vincent Hughes (D-Philadelphia/Montgomery) announced that the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency (PCCD) had awarded $51 million in grants to organizations in Philadelphia and Montgomery Counties on Wednesday.

“I am pleased to announce these grants, which will provide resources to organizations in my district, the city of Philadelphia, Montgomery County and across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania that are helping people and keeping our communities safe,” Sen. Hughes said. “As we continue to deal with COVID-19, it is even more critical we help organizations that address the needs of our vulnerable people, whether that is addiction, trauma or any other important support service.”

The grants were administered by PCCD through the Project Safe Neighborhoods, Byrne Justice Assistant Grant, Federal Victims of Crime Act, and Federal Justice Assistance Grants funds.

Project Safe Neighborhood Funds

  • Temple University was awarded $50,000 for evaluation of its 2019 Project Safe Neighborhoods program
  • Child Advocacy Center of Montgomery County was awarded $149,998 for prevention of human trafficking of runaway minors
  • Family Services of Montgomery County was awarded $149,678 for the county’s ReStart Project
  • Montgomery County Commissioners were awarded $25,000 for scanning equipment
  • Lower Merion Township was awarded $88,500 for its virtual training to improve police responses
  • Upper Merion Township was awarded $29,916 for TruNarc technology purchases
  • Joseph J. Peters Institute was awarded $59,958 for Darkness to Light training in Philadelphia
  • Philadelphia City Treasurer was awarded $150,000 for the Health Connections Project
  • Students Run Philly Style was awarded $130,025 for its Going the Distance initiative
  • Temple University was awarded $150,000 for developing a trauma informed out-of-school program

Federal Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) Funds

  • Legal Aid of Southeastern Pennsylvania was awarded $1,689,915 for legal services for domestic violence victims
  • Child Advocacy Center of Montgomery County was awarded $594,423 for its coordinated response to child abuse allegations
  • Laurel House was awarded $$1256,914 for its domestic violence shelter and supportive services
  • The Lincoln Center for Family and Youth was awarded $2,576,622 for mobile victim’s services
  • Victim Services Center of Montgomery Count was awarded $1,649,412 for resources to help victims of sexual assault and other crimes
  • Women’s Center of Montgomery County was awarded $1,429,749 for domestic violence comprehensive services
  • North Central Victim Services $1,339,011 for domestic violence services
  • Anti-Violence Partnership of Philadelphia was awarded $2,835,099 for crime victims’ services
  • Center for Advocacy for the Rights & Interests of the Elderly was awarded $1,459,245 for advocacy efforts for victimized elders
  • Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia was awarded $423,144 for community-focused trauma services for victims
  • Congresso de Latinos Unidos was awarded $2,529,246 for domestic violence prevision and advocacy efforts.
  • The Council of Spanish Speaking Organizations was awarded was awarded $527,898 for Concilio’s East Division Victim Witness Program
  • Drexel University was awarded $472,029 for the Healing Hurt People: Providing Trauma-Informed Services program
  • M.I.R. – Every Murder is Real was awarded $803,997 for crime victims and wellness support groups
  • HIAS & Council Migration Services was awarded $1,722,951 for its Immigrant Victim Access Collaborative (IVAC) initiative
  • Lutheran Social Mission Society was awarded $1,501,938 for its Lutheran Settlement House Bilingual Domestic Violence Program
  • Mothers in Charge was awarded $762,834 for trauma informed support for survivors of homicide
  • Nationalities Service Center of Philadelphia was awarded $1,565,109 for services for immigrant victims of crime
  • Northeast Philadelphia Victim/Witness Service was awarded $681,660 for victim assistance and advocacy
  • Northwest Victim Services was awarded $647,226 to provide services for victims of crime
  • Philadelphia Children’s Alliance was awarded $1,342,074 to provide direct services
  • Philadelphia City Treasurer was awarded $1,211,013 for the Philadelphia CARES 2 initiative
  • Philadelphia Corporation on Aging was awarded $1,165,272 for its victims’ support program
  • Support Center for Child Advocate was awarded $2,125,257 for its Child Victim Assistance Project
  • Temple University was awarded $1,264,500 for its 24-hour Crisis Response: Greatness Doesn’t Quit – GDQ
  • Uplift Center for Grieving Children was awarded $300,417 for continued services
  • Victim/Witness Services of South Philadelphia was awarded $919,284 for its neighborhood-based programs
  • Women Organized Against Rape – Philadelphia Center Against Sexual Violence was awarded $973,116 for sexual assault services
  • Women Against Abuse was awarded $3,814,974 to sustain legal aid for victims of abuse
  • Women in transition was awarded $981,171 for core domestic violence services
  • SeniorLAW Center was awarded $4,594,461 for its Keeping Elderly Victims S.A.F.E. initiative
  • Children’s Crisis Treatment Center was awarded $311,451 for clinical care coordination for child victims initiatives

Federal Victims of Crime Act Funds (VOCA)

  • The Defender Association of Philadelphia was awarded $105,000 for its Project SUCCESS initiative

Intermediate Punishment Treatment Funds

  • Montgomery Commissioners received $298,974 for a supervision and treatment programs
  • Philadelphia City Treasurer received $4,130,000 for the Philadelphia Intermediate Punishment Substance. Abuse Treatment (PIPSA