PHILADELPHIA, November 19, 2012 – – At his annual “Hearts of Harvest” program, which provides grocery gift cards to families in need, State Sen. Vincent Hughes (D-Phila./Montgomery) and his constituents discussed the meaning of Thanksgiving.

Hughes joined with the Brown family, who own and operate ShopRite of Parkside, to provide 50 families with grocery gift cards to purchase food for the Thanksgiving holiday.

[frame align=”left”][/frame]“Thanksgiving is a very special time for most families. It is a time to reflect about how blessed we are. It is also a time to give to our neighbors who are less fortunate then we are,” Hughes said. “I am pleased to once again partner with my friends at Brown’s Family ShopRite to provide the Hearts of Harvest Thanksgiving gift card program. It is my hope that this small gesture will touch those families in need during this holiday season.”

Several of Hughes’ constituents also reflected upon what the “season of giving” means to them:

When asked if money was no object, what act of giving would you give, Tereon V. of El/West Philly and Lee J. of North Philly, stated that they “would give to all the families that lost everything during Hurricane Sandy and help rebuild the lives of those that lost everything.”

When asked to name some of the things she was thankful for, Rosetta T. of Southwest Philly stated that she was “thankful for my President, my God and the Senator for giving me this great gift!”

Jane R. of North Philly was asked what would make her Thanksgiving special, to which she replied, “Sitting down eating with my family and enjoying a nice meal together.”

Tasha R., who lost her son in October 2012 stated that if her son was still alive her Thanksgiving would be special.

When asked what are some of the things she is thankful for, Debra D. of West Philly said that she is thankful “to see another year with my 10 year old son, for I was in a major motor vehicle accident when he was 3 years old. I am thankful to God who put special people in my life.”

Latoya C. of West Philly stated that she would “make a home for my family to call their own,” If money was no object.

Deborah S. of West Philly, who is 6 years free of Thyroid, Throat and Lymph Nodes cancer said that she is thankful to “be alive and see family and loved ones together.”

Barbara E. of North Philly stated that if “people to come together in unity, we learn to love even our enemies and if we become more like Christ,” that would make her Thanksgiving special.

Delores D. stated that she is thankful “that Senator Hughes thought of my family. I am also thankful for being here with my family.”

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