Make sure your vote counts, submit your ballot today

We’re 11 days away from Election Day! If you haven’t done so already, please return your ballot ASAP.

More than half of the state’s mail ballots have already been returned, which is great news. Let’s get the rest returned quickly and correctly. That means no naked ballots!

Also, please consider returning your mail ballot to a satellite election office or drop box to ensure it is received by election officials. The list for Philadelphia satellite election offices and drop boxes is above or in the hyperlinked text. For those in Montgomery County, visit If you have any additional questions or want information outside of the 7th Senatorial District visit


  • If you registered to vote online, you will receive confirmation your ballot has been received by your county election office
  • You should only drop your ballot at a drop box in your county of residence
  • Make sure your ballot is returned with the secrecy envelope inside of the mailing envelope
  • Sign your ballot as instructed
  • If you’re going to the grocery store, a satellite election center or to the polls on Nov. 3, we need you to wear a mask. It protects you from the coronavirus, as well as those who you may come in contact with while away from home. That is the best thing we can do to protect public health and to slow the spread of the virus.