Read 2 Succeed Turns 10 This Summer

Program’s first students are now entering college, or the job market, better prepared

Senator Hughes

 Read to Succeed 2022

With great partners, parents and eager students, the Read 2 Succeed program is celebrating its tenth anniversary this summer.

More than 400 young students have already signed up and the program is underway, but you can still join if you want to prevent the summer reading slide.

Research has shown that students who put down the books over the summer have a hard time picking up where they left off when school rolls around.  That backslide slows progress for months and students who fall behind at an early age are have long odds for completely catching up.

Consider the consequences:  Half of Americans today can’t read at an 8th grade level, and the vast majority of people in prisons cannot read at a 4th grade level.  Today, the United States have fallen below the international average for literacy.

I want to thank 6abc for their coverage of our program along with our partners who have stuck with it for a decade.  We are making a difference.

Senator Hughes and Student