Senator Hughes #NewDeal4NewPA puts housing at center focus

Pennsylvanians need affordable housing. The commonwealth ranks in the middle of U.S. states in regard to affordable housing, meaning millions of our people are spending large percentages of their income on housing. Experts say you should spend about 30 percent of your gross income on rent, yet many Pennsylvanians spent significantly more on housing because of a lack of affordable options.

The people need a new deal. That’s why Senator Hughes is proposing his #NewDeal4NewPA!

TTH - October 29, 2019

Throughout 2019, the issues of poverty and economic insecurity have been at the forefront of Senator Hughes’ focus, producing many important conversations, events and policy initiatives to uplift the outlook of struggling Pennsylvanians. Senator Hughes has helped secure a 40 percent increase in funding for state affordable housing initiatives, but he’s pushing for more and looking at ways to develop affordable options across Pennsylvania.

Join Senator Hughes for a conversation on affordable housing at 6 p.m. Tuesday Oct. 29. Michael Froehlich of Community Legal Services Philadelphia will join the senator to talk about programs and initiatives designed to protect renters and homeowners.