On the Issues


12.11.2013: PA Senate Honors the Life of Nelson Mandela

11.26.2013: Senate Democrats Offer Plan to Create 80,000 Jobs to Put People Back to Work

11.19.2013: Help Available to Understand Health Insurance Options

10.30.2013: First in A Series: The Crisis in Education Funding!

10.1. 2013: Health Care for All: The Affordable Care Act/Obamacare Starts October 1, 2013! Enroll Now!

9.30.2013: Learn How to Get Health Coverage in the Insurance Marketplace

9.24.2013: Why It’s Time to Raise the Minimum Wage

8.14.2013: Tell the Governor to Send $45 million to Philly Schools

8.7.2013: Save Our Skills: Free Reading Program for Students

7.25.2013: Update on Philadelphia School District Funding Crisis: $138 Million response to $180 Million Request

7.11.2013: How We Can Create Jobs in PA

7.1.2013: Huge Victory in Senate on Medicaid Expansion

6.24.2013:  Time for Big Push to Expand Health-Care

6.19.2013: How We Can Solve the Statewide School Funding Crisis

6.13.2013: Medicaid Expansion: Helps Others, Help Yourself

6.11.2013: Hughes Hosts “Welcome Home Hero: You’re Not Alone”

6.62013: PA Senate Passes Attack on Women’s Reproductive Health-Care Services

6.4.2013: 2013-14 State Budget -Stop the Cuts, Put the People First

5.7.2013: Free Dental Clinics in Pennsylvania

5.6.2013: Fresh Food Access Initiative for Urban Food Deserts

4.12.2013: Another Study Comes Out in Support of Medicaid 

3.25.2013: Pennsylvania’s Job Picture: Wrong Direction, Unemployment Up, New Job Creation Down 

3.8.2013: A True Look at Basic Education Funding In Pennsylvania

3.6.2013: Senators Hughes, Ferlo, and Senate Democratic Appropriations Committee to Hold Hearing on Medicaid Expansion in Pittsburgh 

2.26.2013: LEGISLATIVE UPDATE: Another Republican Governor Decides to Expand Medicaid, It’s Time for Gov. Corbett to Follow Suit

2.25.2013: Steep Federal Spending Cuts Will Have Serious Impacts on Pennsylvania

2.22.2013:  As Another Governor Decides to Expand Medicaid Under the Affordable Care Act, Governor Corbett Continues to Stall

2.19.2013: Getting Philly Covered: The Promise and Opportunity of the New Health Care Law

2.19.2013: Senate Appropriations Committee 2013-14 Budget Hearings Begin Today

2.7.2013: Governor Corbett Must Make the Right Choice for Pennsylvania: Expand the Medicaid Program, Bring Billions of Dollars to PA and Help the Uninsured

1.29.2013: Senate Democratic Appropriations Committee Hosts Health Care Reform Discussion

1.23.2013: Sen. Democratic Appropriations Committee to Hold Public Discussion on the President’s New Health Care Reform Plan

1.16.2013: President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden Unveil Proposals to Reduce Gun Violence

1.14.2013: Devastating Fire in West Philadelphia Highlights the Need for Fire Safety and Prevention Awareness

1.9.2013: Philadelphia School District Superintendent Releases Action Plan

1.8.2013: Senator Hughes Sworn-In to Fifth Full Term in PA Senate – Jobs to be Top Priority



12.24.2014: A Season for Giving Back

12.8.2014: More Bad News for PA: Gov. Corbett Announces $2 Billion Budget Hole

12.2.2014: Additional resources for World AIDS Day

12.1.2014: A Message from Senator Hughes and Sheryl Lee Ralph on World AIDS Day

11.18.2014: Senator Hughes Can Help Get Health Coverage for You and Your Family! 

11.13.2014: Senator Hughes Re-Elected Senate Democratic Appropriations Chairman 

11.10.2014: Please Join Me on Veterans Day

11.5.2014: Please Join Me on Veterans Day

11.3.2014: Vote for Our Schools and Our Kids!

10.31.2014: Your Right to Vote is Under Attack!

10.04.2014: Repaving City Line Ave Thanks to Act 89

09.15.2014: Senate Democrats Call for Pennsylvania Department of Education to Investigate Complaints About School Conditions in Philly Schools 

09.05.2014: Update on your Credit Score

08.26.2014: Documenting School Conditions in Philadelphia

07.10.2014: Save our Skills Summer Reading Program

07.07.2014: 5th Annual Community of Giving Blood Drives in Memory of E. Steven Collins

6.18.2014: Solution #2 for PA’s Budget Deficit & Education Funding Crisis: Shale Tax for Schools

6.11.2014: Solution #1 for PA’s Budget Dilemma and Education Funding Crisis: Expand Medicaid and Save PA $400 Million

5.9.2014: #BringBackOurGirls: PA Senate Unanimously Passes Resolution in Support of Victims of Nigerian Kidnapping

4.25.2014: PHEAA Financial Aid For College Deadline Approaching!

4.14.2014: Time to Tax Natural Gas Drilling to Fund Education

4.3.2014: Tomorrow: Breaking the Silence on Mental Wellness

3.26.2014: Register Now for Breaking the Silence: A Summit on Mental Wellness

3.25.2014: Action Alert: Fund Our Schools / Tax Marcellus Shale Rally

3.18.2014: Time is Running Out to Get Affordable Health Insurance

2.18.2014: Join Senator Hughes THIS Saturday to Get Health Insurance

2.12.2014: Gov. Corbett’s “Healthy PA” vs. Healthcare for All

2.10.2014: Governor Corbett’s “Proposed” 2014-2015 Education Budget

1.28.2014: West Philly, Get Covered Thanks to Obamacare!

1.22.2014: The Affordable Care Act is Working 

1.17.2014: Test Scores Fall Because of Education Funding Cuts

1.16.2014: Mr. President: Don’t Buy Governor Corbett’s Health-care Plan



12.29.2015: Gov. Wolf Prevents School Closings with Line-Item Budget Veto

12.19.2015: Check Out the Next Big Project in West Philly’s Revitalization

12.14.2015: Here’s What I’m Doing on the Anniversary of the Mass Shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary

12.7.2015: PA Senate Votes 43-7 to Send PA Budget with Record Education Increase to House to End Budget Impasse

12.3.2015: Getting Results: New Affordable Housing Coming to West Philly

11.25.2015: Senator Hughes Invites You to Unleash the Power of Age Expo for Adults 50 +

11.9.2015: Check out my latest opinion piece in the Harrisburg Patriot-News

11.5.2015: Senator Vincent Hughes Celebrates Veterans Day 2015 by Honoring African American Women Veterans

10.22.2015: Help Me Stop the Next Act of Gun Violence

10.15.2015: Pennsylvania Needs a Budget, So GOP Must Compromise

10.7.2015: Republicans Pick Drillers Over Schools, Again

10.4.2015: The deadline to register to vote in the November 3rd election is October 5th.

9.24.2015: Hitting the Streets for Quality Health Insurance!

9.18.2015: You’ll Never Believe the Latest Republican Budget Stunt

8.27.2015: #BREAKING: You Won’t Believe What This Poll Says About the Republican Position on the State Budget

8.18.2015: Please share this video #TaxShaleFundSchools

8.13.2015: You Won’t Believe What’s Happening to Test Scores in Our Public Schools

7.29.2015: Here’s How to Beat the Heat

7.2.2015: Why Governor Tom Wolf Vetoed the Republican Budget

6.25.2015: Major Announcement: More Summer Jobs for Philly Youth!

6.23.2015: Three Reasons Why We Need More Funds for All Schools – Especially Philadelphia

6.8.2015: Live Telephone Town Hall Meeting – June 9th at 6 p.m.

6.3.2015: Sen. Hughes Presents Save our Skills: Read to Succeed Program

5.18.2015: Sen. Hughes Introduces Historic $3.8 Billion Cut in Property Taxes

4.7.2015: Senator Hughes Welcomes Governor Wolf to 7th Senatorial District in West Philadelphia

4.6.2015:  Help Support Drexel Student Zakiya James

3.27.2015: Confronting Racism in PA: Why I Am Supporting Gov. Wolf’s Nominee for PA State Police

3.24.2015: Senator Hughes to Appear on Pa. Cable Network TONIGHT

3.20.2015: Sen. Hughes Introduces Universal Voter Registration Bill to Honor The 50th Anniversary of Bloody Sunday and the Passage of the Voting Rights Act

3.16.2015: ALERT: Senate Budget Hearings Start Today

3.3.2015: ALERT: Governor Wolf to Deliver Budget Address

2.6.2015: Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day Resources

1.14.2015: Top Hughes Staffer Chosen by Governor-Elect to be Budget Secretary

1.12.2015: Important Deadline to Sign up for High Quality, Very Affordable Health Care is Approaching

1.6.2015: Private Panel Discussion & Screening of the Movie Selma



12.20.2012: Sen. Vincent Hughes and Sheryl Lee Ralph to Host Holiday Movie Screening

12.19.2012: Senator Vincent Hughes Invites you to His Open House, Tuesday, January 1, 2013

12.17.2012: State Senator Vincent Hughes & Sheryl Lee Ralph to host Annual  Holiday Party with a Purpose

11.18.2012: The Hidden Life of Guns – A Washington Post Investigation

11.15.2012: Senator Hughes Discusses Recent Presidential and State Elections with Larry Kane and Roland Martin

11.9.2012: THIS SUNDAY: Senator Hughes to Appear on Larry Kane’s “Voice of Reason” and “Washington Watch” with Roland Martin

11.5.2012: Senator Hughes Takes a Break from Campaigning to Raise Money for Outward Bound Philadelphia

10.31.2012: Online Housing Locator is Available to Help Those Displaced by Hurricane Sandy

10.31.2012:  Legislative Alert: Voters will NOT be required to show a Photo ID to Vote on November 6

10.31.2012: Senator Vincent Hughes Joins with Brown’s ShopRite of Parkside to Present Family Fit Day

10.25.2012: Settlement Could Reinstate Medical Benefits for Many Pennsylvania Families

10.11.2012: COMING SOON:  Take a Loved One to the Doctor Community Health and Wellness Event

10.9.2012: Voter Registration Ends at Midnight

10.4.2012: Halt of Voter ID Law is a Victory for Voter Rights

10.2.2012: Hughes Recognizes Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Prevention and Early Detection Are Key 

9.20.2012: The Hidden Life of Guns – A Washington Post Investigation

9.17.2012:  COMING SOON: The 3rd Annual Show Me All the Money Financial Empowerment Summit

9.10.2012:  Show Me ALL the Money Financial Empowerment Summit is September 29!

8.28.2012:  PennDOT Now Providing Free Department of State Voter ID Cards at Driver Licensing Centers

8.20.2012:  Senator Hughes Urges Voters to Get Photo ID Before November Presidential Election

8.20.2012: PHFA Now Accepting HEMAP Applications

8.1.2012: Senator Hughes to Appear on the Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell on MSNBC TONIGHT

7.26.2012: The Dell Center 2012 Show Lineup

7.25.2012: Senator Hughes Joins Hundreds to Protest Voter ID/Voter Suppression Law, Supports Repeal Legislation

7.24.2012: theMann Summer 2012 Season

7.23.2012: The Philadelphia Orchestra’s Free 2012 Neighborhood Concerts

7.20.2012: Property Tax, Rent Rebate Program Extended to December 31

7.18.2012: Homestead Exemption Now Being Offered to All Philadelphia Homeowners

6.30.2012: Governor Corbett’s Cuts to the Poor Create Hardship and Pain 

6.28.2012: Legislative Alert! U.S. Supreme Court Upholds Constitutionality of Affordable Care Act 

6.27.2012:  Senator Hughes Talks Issues

6.25.2012:  Senator Hughes Lauds Reinstatement of HEMAP

6.22.2012: ACTION ALERT: As PA Budget Takes Shape, Welfare Cuts Remain a Major Issue

6.20.2012: Why We Need a State and Federal Jobs Program: Underemployed and underpaid individuals are steadily losing ground

6.14.2012: 7th Senatorial District Report to the People and Community Service Awards Breakfast

6.5.2012: 5th Annual Free Arts Fest returns Saturday, June 9, 2012

5.21.2012:  Senator Hughes to Host Call-In Budget Update

5.10.2012:  Senate Budget Proposal is a First Step, but More Work is Needed

4.30.2012: Governor Corbett’s Draconian Food Stamp Asset Test to Begin TOMORROW

4.25.2012:  Senator Hughes Talks Issues on Washington Watch with Roland Martin

4.25.2012: First Citywide Scholarship Expo Coming Soon

4.17.2012:  Romney Tax Plan Isn’t About Fairness 

4.12.2012:  State Senator Vincent Hughes to Host “Show Me The College $$$” TONIGHT!

4.4.2012:  Senate Democrats Unveil Their Budget Priorities

4.2.2012:   State Senator Vincent Hughes Hosts Show Me The College on April 12, 2012

3.27.2012:  PA Senate Republicans Try to Block Implementation of the Federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act with Senate Bill 10

3.20.2012:  Corbett’s 2012-13 Budget Proposal Disregards the Needs of Pennsylvania’s Physically and Mentally Disabled

3.12.2012:  The Voter Suppression Bill (House Bill 934)  Violates the Constitutional Right of Pennsylvania Voters

3.7.2012:   Senate to Vote on H.B. 934 – Voter ID Bill Today

3.5.2012:  Senate Poised to Vote on H.B. 934 – Voter ID Bill

2.29.2012:  Senator Hughes Invites All Men to a Workout Session

2.20.2012:  Senator Hughes Hosts Veterans Benefits Seminar

2.17.2012:  Corbett Budget Proposal Steers Pennsylvania in the Wrong Direction: No Action on PA’s Top Priority – – – JOBS!

2.15.2012:  Senate Democrats Call on Attorney General to Reinstate HEMAP with Settlement Funds

2.13.2012:  Senate Appropriations Committee 2012-13 Budget Hearings Begin Today

2.7.2012:  National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

1.12.2012:  Federal Cuts Mean Less Funds for LIHEAP Assistance



12.22.2011: Hughes to Host Tele-Townhall on Key Legislative Issues

12.9.2011 : Marcellus Shale Plan Must Hold Industry Accountable 

12.6.2011: Infrastructure Summit Focuses on Investment and Jobs

11.15.2011:  Join Senator Hughes for “Show Me All the Money” this Saturday, November 19, 2011

10.31.2011:  Senator Hughes Brings $12 Million Grant to District for the Multi-Million Dollar Bakers Centre Re-Development Project

10.27.2011:  Money Matters: Marcellus Shale

10.24.2011:  Senate Democratic Members Add New Legislation to PA Works Now Plan

10.16.2011:  ‘PA Works Now’ Reinvests in Pennsylvania’s Working Families

10.11.2011:  What’s In Your Backpack 2011 Youth Conference

10.1.2011:  6th Annual Praise is the Cure: HOPE. HEALTH. HEALING

9.28.2011:  PA WORKS NOW –A Job Creation Plan that Puts Pennsylvanians to Work Immediately

9.17.2011:  On the Issues: A Look Back as We Continue to Move Forward

9.14.2011:  Faith and God at Ground Zero: An In-Depth Look at the Spiritual Repercussions of Sept. 11, 2001

9.9.2011:  The American Jobs Act: the Time to Act is NOW

9.7.2011:  Before his Jobs Plan Proposal, President Obama Delivers His Labor Message: Restore the Middle Class

9.2.2011:  Labor Day: A Time to Honor the Commitment and Strength of Pennsylvania’s Workforce

8.30.2011:  MONEY MATTERS – A Former President Weighs in on What it Takes to Put American Citizens Back to Work and Move This Country Forward

8.26.2011:  Governor Declares State of Emergency in Response to Hurricane Irene

8.26.2011:  MOENY MATTERS: Privatization of State Liquor Sales

8.25.2011:  Team of West Philadelphia Students Continues to Out-Innovate the Competition

8.22.2011:  MONEY MATTERS: Warren Buffet, America’s Wealthiest Person, Talks about the Responsibilities of the Super Rich

8.16.2011:  The Revitalization of Mantua Sets the Tone for Future Projects

7.28.2011:  Governor Corbett’s Budget Worsens the Job Outlook

7.26.2011: President Obama’s Debt Update

7.25.2011: Philadelphia Grocer Receives Big Honor for His Work Improving Our Communities

7.20.2011: Gov. Corbett and Republican Crafted State Budget Misses on Another Issue: The adultBasic Health Insurance Program

7.8.2011:  HEMAP – A Successful Program That Was Unsuccessful in Governor Corbett’s Budget

7.1.2011:  Governor Corbett and The Republican House and Senate Majority Pass 2011-2012 State Budget that Fails PA’s People

6.28.2011:  Final Call to Action

6.27.2011:  June 27th Marks National HIV Testing Day

6.26.2011:  PA Charter Schools Get Mixed Reviews in New Standford University Study 

6.16.2011:  Legislative Alert: Senate Bill 732

6.13.2011:  Legislative Alert: Final Priorities Push – Put the People First!

5.24.2011:  Legislative Alert: Now is the Time for your Voices to be Heard!

5.19.2011: Legislative Alert: Stop the Cuts

5.16.2011: Age Strong! Live Long! Expo for Adults 50+

5.12.2011: STATE BUDGET UPDATE: PA House Republicans Roll Out Budget

5.6.2011:  Funding for K-12 Education Threatened by Governor’s Budget Proposal: Potential Cut of $1.1 Billion Hits Poorest School Districts in PA the Hardest

4.22.2011:  PROTECT THE PEOPLE AND PUT THEM FIRST: Senate Democrats Release a Better Plan for PA’s People

4.14.2011:  UPDATE: Senator Hughes Address Governor Corbett’s Proposed 2011-2012 State Budget on the Senate Floor

4.13.2011:  UPDATE: Senator Hughes Continues to Speak Out on Governor Corbett’s Proposed 2011-2012 State Budget

3.21.2011:  Governor Corbett Budget Proposal Cuts $1.1 Billion from Basic Education

3.16.2011:  Helping the People of Japan in the Face of Tragedy

3.10.2011:  Governor Corbett 2011-2012 Budget Proposal Balances Budget on the Backs of Working Families and Children

3.1.2011:  40,000 Jobs for Pennsylvanians

2.22.2011:  Legislative Alert

2.15.2011:  AFL-CIO Legislative Conference

2.10.2011:  Update on Dr. Gosnell Proceedings

2.8.2011:  National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day Shines a Spotlight on HIV/AIDS in the Black Community

2.2.2011:  Hughes Holds “Holiday Affair with a Flair” to Benefit SHARE Food Program of PA

1.28.2011:  President Obama Declares, “Our Union is Strong”

1.25.2011:  adultBasic Not Only Needs to be Saved, but Also Expanded

1.21.2011:  Global Leadership Academy Needs Your Help