This week the Senate unanimously passed a bill I’ve been working on for years to protect victims of domestic violence.

My bill (Senate Bill 196) allows judges to require an ankle monitor for abusers with Protection from Abuse orders.

Too often, abusers violate PFAs and do more harm to their victims. If my bill becomes law, victims would be notified if their abuser is too close to them and they’d be protected from yet another attack

The Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence reports that 102 people died from an incident of domestic violence last year. In the past ten years, 1,600 people have died from domestic violence in Pennsylvania alone.


My bill could have saved some of those lives. It gives our judges a tool that they need to protect victims of domestic violence.

We need to give victims more safety and security, especially after they have gone through the difficult and courageous process of getting a protection from abuse order.

I did an interview after the bill passed, and you can watch the video here.

SB 196 now moves to the House. I hope they take it up as soon as possible; victims of domestic violence need help now.