Join Sen. Hughes for a Real Black Men VOTE Votercade Saturday!

Register to vote, drop off your mail ballot or show support for Black men voting with us

Let's Talk: Real Young Black Men VOTE
The Black male vote is critical in this upcoming election and we must do everything we can to get counted at the polls.

There is this myth that Black men aren’t going to vote in the election. We’ve talked about it during Real Young Black Men VOTE panel discussions, and now we’re taking the efforts to the community to show and prove that the myth is wrong. Join me and several leaders in our community for:

Real Black Men VOTE
10:00 AM, Saturday, October 17

Start: Alain Locke School, 4550 Haverford Avenue (Satellite Election Office)
End: Parktown West Center, 1575 North 52nd Street (Be Woke. Vote event)

We are starting at the newest satellite election office in the district and heading to the Be Woke. Vote voter registration event in partnership with local elected officials and a national effort to get out the Black vote. I am excited for this weekend’s events and getting souls to the polls!

Be Woke Vote graphic

Come join us Saturday. Get registered to vote, drop of your mail ballot or support Black men voting. We have a special event planned and would love to have your participation. This is a socially distanced event, so we need everyone to wear masks and follow public health guidelines.

Don’t forget deadline to register to vote is October 19, and this weekend is important in getting folks set up to vote.

With the critical election nearing, I want to make clear I have faith in Black men showing up and showing out at the ballot box. Let’s prove the pundits wrong and make a major impact in this election!

REMINDER: If you’re going to the grocery store or a satellite election center, we need you to wear a mask. It protects you from the coronavirus, as well as those who you may come in contact with while away from home. That is the best thing we can do to protect public health and to slow the spread of the virus.