HARRISBURG, October 2, 2012 — Following Commonwealth Court’s decision to halt Pennsylvania’s voter ID law until after the 2012 General Election in November, state Sen. Vincent Hughes (D-Phila./Montgomery) offered the following comments on the ruling:

“This decision is a victory for voters. The Corbett Administration was ill-prepared to comply with this troubling law. I am pleased that the court realized that the law would have resulted in chaos on Election Day and the rights of hundreds of thousands of voters were in jeopardy.

Legislative Black Caucus Press Conference on Voter ID Ruling :: October 3, 2012

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“This decision, while a victory for voters, is the first step in the process of overturning the unjust law. The fact remains that this law is about the systematic disenfranchisement of hundreds of thousands of individuals – mostly the poor, the elderly, students and racial minorities. No matter how you portray the law, it is still voter suppression.

“No eligible voter should fear coming out to the polls on November 6 because of a lack of photo ID. Voting is a fundamental right. I am strongly encouraging all eligible voters to cast their vote this November.”

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