Historic State Budget Takes Broad Approach to Community Safety

In addition to violence prevention grants, public safety and prosecution get a boost

Senator Vincent Hughes

While the news that Pennsylvania’s commitment to violence intervention programs represented a huge victory for advocates in Philadelphia, it was only part of the story in how our allies delivered funding for public safety to our neighborhoods.

The budget also contains several other investments geared toward safer communities while taking a broad view at the various contributors. 

Another $50 million will be dedicated to the administration’s efforts to provide grants for local law enforcement to investigate and prosecute firearm-related crimes, while another $135 million will be used by police departments for new equipment and better hiring and retention of officers.

$50 million for law enforcement, prosecution $135 million for police hiring, retention and equipment $105 million for Community Violence Prevention programs

In combination with $100 million to improve school safety infrastructure, the new funds are an attempt to assess the root causes of violence and find new and innovative prevention techniques.