Sen. Hughes to Host Roundtable Discussion on Voter Access

Voting is a fundamental right — a right we must protect.  

In an effort to dig deeper into growing concerns with respect to voting in Pennsylvania I’m hosting a forum on voting that you’re welcome to attend. 

The roundtable discussion will take place this Friday, Sept. 29 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Philadelphia City Hall in City Council chambers.  You can watch a live stream live on my website at

Hear from local, state and national officials and experts on important voting issues:

  • Voting in Pennsylvania
  • Russian attempt to hack Pennsylvania’s election system 
  • National issues around voting, especially attempts to block people from voting 
  • Current legislation calling for the expansion of voting in Pennsylvania

Panelists will include members of the Keystone Voters Coalition, Pennsylvania Secretary of State Pedro Cortes, Philadelphia City Commissioner Lisa Deeley, voting rights expert Barbara Arnwine and more. 

I encourage you to join us in this important discussion.