ESTA NOCHE a las 19.00 horas Real Young Black Men VOTE

Help prove the pundits wrong and show up to the polls

Hablemos: Los verdaderos jóvenes negros VOTAN

There is this myth that young Black men aren’t going to vote. Let’s prove the doubters wrong and show up to the polls strong! Join me tonight on Zoom for a conversation about making that possible.

Real Young Black Men VOTE
7 PM, Jueves, Octubre 8

I’ll have a great panel of young Black men with me to discuss the important issues, plans to vote and why we need to show up to the polls in force. Here is our esteemed panel:

  • Etienne Maurice, activista y productor - Walkgood Productions
  • Isaiah Thomas, concejal de Filadelfia
  • Salaah Muhammad, Directora Regional - Color of Change
  • Tomas Varela, Director de Promoción y Comunicaciones - Urban League of Philadelphia
  • Antoine Robinson, activista comunitario, mentor
  • Amen Brown, activista comunitario/fundador de un centro comunitario
  • Tamir Harper, fundador de UrbEd, estudiante de la American University

El espacio en la conversación es limitado, por lo que le rogamos que confirme su asistencia hoy mismo aquí.

I hope that you can join me for the conversation tomorrow or share the invite with someone who you think may benefit from the conversation. We want to make clear that young Black men are voting and engaged in the democratic process.

Lastly, make sure you have a plan to vote on or before election day. Visit for the latest information on registering to vote, voting by mail or to find your local polling location.