Gracias al Presidente Biden, PA tiene $ 7.3B para responder a la crisis COVID. El senador Hughes y los demócratas del Senado proponen un New Deal para PA

Proposal would put the people first and create 63,000 jobs!

Like the rest of the nation and the world, Pennsylvania was unprepared for this historic public health crisis. The pandemic has strained our health-care providers, inflicted financial hardship on millions of families, and widened the inequities that permeate our society. It also exposed the fragility of our social safety net, the deficiencies in our government infrastructure, and the vulnerabilities in our education system, workforce, and economy. 

The New Deal for PA targets investments to not only craft a just recovery from COVID-19 but also lay the foundation for transformative change across the commonwealth. 

People – $2.470 Billion

People - $2.470 Billion
People-focused funding will be aimed toward women, communities of color, blue-collar workers, youth and young adults, older adults, folks re-entering the workforce and other disadvantaged communities. Including:
  • 21st Century Child Care
  • Business Assistance
  • Education/Community Supports
  • Job Training/Workforce Development
  • Utility assistance
  • Utility bill and short-term needs assistance
  • Community violence programs
  • Veterans’ services
  • Courts and legal services
  • Funding for intermediate units

Projects – $2.93 Billion

Projects - $2.93 Billion
Investment is needed to provide for long-term viability by creating jobs. There is work to be done, and Pennsylvanians should be employed doing it, including:
  • Recapitalizing CFA Programs
  • Remediating Toxic Schools
  • Increasing/Improving Housing Stock
  • Securing Agriculture/Food Infrastructure
  • Repairing Roads and Bridges
  • Expanding Water/Sewer and Broadband
  • Rehabilitating Parks and Libraries
  • Upgrading IT infrastructure

Public Health – $1.185 Billion

Public Health - $1.185 Billion
Frontline workers have put themselves on the line in ways that we never anticipated, but they have not been adequately compensated for their time, risk and sacrifice. We propose funding for these workers to provide:
  • Health Equity and Vaccine Confidence
  • Rewarding Frontline Worker Service
  • Home and Community-based care
  • Congregate Care
  • Public Health Systems
  • Public Health Workforce Development