Feb. 7, 2019 is National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

The HIV/AIDS epidemic continues to disproportionately impact the black community. African Americans accounted for 44 percent of all new HIV infections (17,528 new diagnoses) in 2016, even though they only make up 12 percent of the population.

  • African American females are 16 times more likely to be diagnosed with HIV than Caucasian females
  • African American males are eight times more likely to be diagnosed with HIV than Caucasian males

The rates of people living with HIV/AIDS is on the decline, but we still have a major problem. At the end of 2014, about 470,000 black/African Americans were living with HIV. One-sixth of our brothers and sisters had no idea they were carrying this deadly infection. Sen. Hughes urges everyone to get tested and know their status!

We have to eradicate this disease in our community and across the nation!

Follow the 4 GETS to fight HIV/AIDS in our community!


What you don’t know can kill you. Knowledge is a powerful weapon against HIV/AIDS.


When was the last time you took an HIV Test? The vast majority of people infected with the AIDS virus do not even know it. You can’t protect yourself or your partner if you do not know your current status. Test Alone. Test Together. Test with Friends.


Get in care, stay in care and live well!. Research has shown that putting an HIV-positive person on treatment reduces their chances of transmitting the virus by as much as 90 percent. AIDS is not the death sentence it once was. Early treatment can prolong your life. 


HIV/AIDS is spreading through our communities because not enough of us are involved in efforts to stop it. Get involved in the fight. Start talking! We can stop the spread of HIV/AIDS one conversation at a time while erasing the stigma that still plagues our community. Be the generation that makes a difference!

Sources: Black AIDS Institute and Healthy Black Communities, Inc.

Helpful Resources for Information, Testing and Treatment

Health Information Hotline

Find out where you can get a free HIV test. Learn more about HIV disease and AIDS.
Sign up for HIV programs and services: 1-800-985-2437
Lunes through Viernes, 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM
English and Spanish. Interpreter services are available for other languages.
Callers outside Philadelphia, Bucks, Chester, Delaware or Montgomery County can reach the Hotline at 1-215-985-2437.