Don’t wait, return your ballot today!

Make a plan to get your ballot submitted ASAP

Return your mail-in ballot

I hope you understand the magnitude of the upcoming election. Health care, social security, jobs, the economy, social justice, criminal justice reform and so many other issues are up for a vote on Nov. 3. Be a part of the change and vote.

Use your power, don’t lose it.

Part of using your vote is making sure your mail ballot is returned in time to get counted. If you have requested a mail ballot but don’t have a plan to vote at the polls on election day, I encourage you to return your mail ballot as soon as possible.

Do not put your completed ballot in the mail! The United States Postal Service says it cannot guarantee mail ballots sent today or later will be delivered in time to meet state guidelines, so I am asking everyone return their ballot to a satellite election office, secure drop box, or county election office. (Please note: In my message yesterday, the final date to request a mail ballot was listed in error as Nov. 27. The final day to request a mail ballot was Tuesday, Oct. 27.)

More than 1.2 million of the 3 million mail ballots were requested for the 2020 Election have yet to be returned, so we have a lot of work to do. You can get more information about satellite election centers in Philadelphia and across southeastern Pennsylvania at The information found on that site comes from the Department of State, county and local election officials.

REMINDER: If you’re going to the grocery store, a satellite election center or to the polls on Nov. 3, we need you to wear a mask. It protects you from the coronavirus, as well as those who you may come in contact with while away from home. That is the best thing we can do to protect public health and to slow the spread of the virus.