No more silence: Why our community must address mental health

Depression. Anxiety. Mood disorders. Dementia.

We hear about these and other mental health afflictions in our regular conversations, on television shows and even in our music, but it remains a consistent public health crisis in the black community because of the stigma surrounding topic.

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Redlining is keeping people of color out of homes

The practice of redlining, which segregated communities and prevented minorities from achieving home ownership as their version of the American Dream, appears to be alive and well in our city and many communities across the nation. The Fair Housing Act of 1968 should...

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Courts Must Step in to Ensure Fair Funding of Public Education

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court sat in session in Philadelphia last week to hear a case that provides the opportunity for the court to act affirmatively on behalf of the several hundred thousand school children in Pennsylvania who have been denied an equitable...

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