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Senator Hughes and Democrats Press for Shale Tax to Fund $1 Billion Education Investment :: June 2, 2015
Senator Hughes and Democrats Press for Shale Tax to Fund $1 Billion Education Investment :: June 2, 2015

Pennsylvania’s Teacher Crisis


A new report from the Philadelphia Inquirer highlights the crisis facing Pennsylvania schools that are searching for qualified substitute teachers. The number of newly certified public school teachers has dropped from 16,361 in 2012-13 to just 6,215 in 2014-15. This is what happens when school districts can only afford to pay substitute teachers $10/hour or just $75/day for an 8 hour day.

Senator Vincent Hughes & Gov. WolfEducation is an investment that can’t be done successfully on the cheap. A recent example is the private contractor that was fired by the School District of Philadelphia for failing to provide enough substitutes. The contractor was supposed to save the district money, but failed to deliver.

We must make the necessary investments in our children. Our kids are worth it. That’s why I’m fighting to make education funding the top priority in the state budget. But I can’t do it alone. Please share this e-mail with your friends, family, and co-workers. Together, we can make sure that funding our schools in the top priority for lawmakers in Harrisburg.


Senator Hughes

Senator Hughes on Shale Tax to Fund Schools on the Capitol Steps

Senator Hughes on Shale Tax to Fund Schools on the Capitol Steps

Substitute Teachers are the New Endangered Species

By Kathy Boccella | June 19, 2016

Those perfect spring Fridays - cerulean skies, temperatures in the 70s - are exactly the kind of days that Dan Nerelli has come to dread.

That's because Nerelli, assistant superintendent for personnel in the Upper Darby School District, knows he'll be scrambling to put substitutes in dozens of teacher-less classrooms. The Delaware County district's ability to cover faculty absences has plunged from 95 percent just a few years ago to roughly 60 percent.

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Senator Hughes with studentsStudy: Preschool Teachers Make Near-Poverty Wages in Pa.

By Grace Toohey | June 18, 2016

Ryan Morehart thought he had found a field that was both valuable and enjoyable: child care. But as he advanced, he realized there wasn't much advancing to do.

He considered going back to school, but that didn't promise enough financial benefit.

"I love working with kids," said Morehart, 29, of Philadelphia. But after nine years in early childhood education, he switched to office management.

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District Gives up on Source4Teachers, Poised to Hire New Firm

Dale Mezzacappa | May 6, 2016

The School District has thrown in the towel with Source4Teachers to provide substitute service to schools after a disastrous year, but it is poised to hire another firm that has more experience dealing with large urban areas.

The School Reform Commission plans to vote on a contract with Kelly Educational Staffing at its next meeting on May 19.

Officials expressed hope that Kelly, a national firm – unlike Source4Teachers, which is mostly regional and based in Cherry Hill – will be able to do better. Source4Teachers, hired last summer, set ambitious goals for providing substitutes but never met them, leaving tens of thousands of students without consistent instruction and throwing schools into chaos as other teachers scrambled to cover for absent colleagues.

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Senator Hughes on Shale Tax to Fund Schools on the Capitol Steps

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