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Enough is Enough! Here’s My Plan to Stop Gun Violence

Stop Illegal Guns

Senator Hughes’ Plan to Address Gun Violence:



I am absolutely devastated by the senseless loss of life as the result of the mass shooting that occurred in Orlando. Clearly, this incident was an act of domestic terrorism aimed at the LGBT community. However, this is just the latest example of how all of our communities have been touched by gun violence. It’s time for action.   

That’s why I’ve introduced Senate Bill 1049, which is a bipartisan piece of legislation designed to close major loopholes in the background checks required to purchase a firearm.

My legislation would truly create a system of universal background checks in Pennsylvania.

Groceries for Guns ExchangeMy legislation would require all firearm sales, regardless of the barrel length, be conducted in front of a licensed importer, manufacturer, dealer, or county sheriff.

Additionally, this bill would include language that allows a person to obtain a 48-hour background check approval to be used at a licensed gun show within the Commonwealth.

Please help me send a message that lawmakers must act to prevent gun violence. Share this e-mail with your friends, family, and co-workers. Together, we can make the state legislature wake up and take action on this important issue.

State Senator Vincent Hughes

Senator Vincent Hughes Comments Durning Background Checks Rally

Background-Check Battle Arrives at the Pennsylvania State Capitol

By Rick Kauffman | May 17, 2016Stop Illegal Guns

HARRISBURG >> The mobilization of people to the cause of amending background checks in Pennsylvania state gun legislation brought busloads from all over the state to make their voices be heard in passing House Bill 1010 and Senate Bill 1049 into law.

Parents, citizens, people of the counties of Delaware, Chester, Montgomery, Philadelphia and all-points west converged in the rotunda of the Pennsylvania State Capitol to demand that legislators heed the call to close an exemption that allows buyers to purchase assault-type armament without the requirement of a background check reverberated through the halls Monday.

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Pa. gun background check supporters rally; will bill ever pass?

Pa. Gun Background Check Supporters Rally; Will Bill Ever Pass?

By Matt Maisel | May 16, 2016

HARRISBURG, Pa. -- Hundreds of Pennsylvanians supporting tougher background checks on gun buyers rallied at the state Capitol Rotunda on Monday, demanding lawmakers vote on a pair of bills which, advocates say, would strengthen gun laws.

However, House Bill 1010 and Senate Bill 1049 have sat untouched in committees since October and November respectively.

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