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Investing In Summer Jobs and Year Round Internships for Young People


Senator Hughes Unveils Youth Investment Initiative to Create 20,000 New Youth Jobs :: May 5, 2016.

Senator Hughes Unveils Youth Investment Initiative to Create 20,000 New Youth Jobs

I am very proud to share that I have introduced legislation along with Senator Art Haywood to create 20,000 new jobs for disadvantaged youth. My legislation, called “Youth Investment Initiative”, would use a mixture of tax credits and grants to create year-round positions for youth in our community. This program is a follow up to the $7.5 million in new funds that I helped secure last year to create 3,700 new summer jobs for youth across Pennsylvania.

My program would apply to children and young adults between the ages of 14 and 23 who are part of families with income below 235 percent of the poverty line or $57105 for a family of four. It would be grants for non-profit organizations and tax credits for partners in the private sector. The total cost would be $30 million. Similar programs are already underway in MN, NY, OR, DE, and CO.

I remember my first summer job. It was an opportunity for me to earn some money, get valuable work experience, and learn what it means to have a real career. However, cuts in funding over the past several years have endangered the program that funds these positions for our young people.

Please take a moment and share this e-mail with your friends, family, and co-workers. Together, we can spread the word about the need for youth jobs and push our lawmakers in Harrisburg to take action.


State Senator Hughes
Senate Appropriations Committee Democratic Chairman

Senator Hughes with Steel School Students

Phila. Officials Reflect On First Summer Jobs While Pushing For Program

By Steve Tawa | May 5, 2016jobs

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – It won’t be long now before spring turns into summer, and a legislative package being introduced to state lawmakers in Harrisburg would create thousands of summer jobs for children and young adults.

The package is geared toward low-income families. State Senator Vincent Hughes says if enacted, 20,000 positions could be created through a combination of a (Youth Employment Services) $15-million grant and another $15-million in tax credits to allow companies to defer the cost of taking on those young folks:

“If we say we’re committed to young people, then our policies must reflect that commitment.”

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