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Another Bad Republican Budget Properly Vetoed


Senator Hughes Floor Remarks on HB 1801 :: March 16, 2016
Senator Hughes Floor Remarks on HB 1801
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Senator Hughes Budget Interview

Gov. Tom Wolf said he will veto a one-sided, non-negotiated, Republican supplemental budget bill when it gets to his desk, and he is right for doing so.

The measure he will veto, House Bill 1801, fails to close a $2 billion structural budget deficit, it does not appropriately invest in our job creation programs and, when fully calculated, it would provide FEWER dollars to our dramatically underfunded schools. It even reduces funds targeted for student grants to attend college.

When this non-negotiated budget document was offered on the Senate floor on Thursday, I offered to table the bill and requested that the leaders walk over to the governor’s office and re-start negotiations to hammer out budgets for 2015-‘16 and 2016-‘17.

We know the details, we have the information, and the governor was prepared to meet to make it happen. Senate Republicans refused to do so.

I and all of my colleagues understand that schools are hurting. But they’re not hurting because we have not yet adopted a complete 2015-‘16 budget. They are hurting because the Republican education and budget policies of the past five years have delivered us to this point and we cannot continue to go down their path. They have wreaked too much damage on ALL of the citizens of Pennsylvania, especially our school children.

The Republican math doesn't work, and their “more of the same” policies cause too much damage on too many people. Enough is enough.

They must compromise with the governor. For the past nine months they have refused to do so.

Compromise is hard, but it is necessary. The citizens of PA deserve no less.


Sen. Vincent Hughes
Senate Appropriations Committee Democratic Chairman

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Senator Vincent Hughes Budget Reaction Floor Remarks on House Bill 1801