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You’ll Never Believe the Latest Republican Budget Stunt


Senator Hughes floor remarks on the stop-gap budget :: September 18, 2015
Senator Hughes floor remarks on the stop-gap budget :: September 18, 2015

Senate Republicans once again using budget gimmicks to try to take Pennsylvania down the wrong path. Instead of fixing our budget deficit and fully funding critical services, the GOP refuses to come back to the negotiating table.

Gov. Wolf has offered significant compromises. The GOP must stop acting like their counterparts in Washington DC and saying “No” to everything.  

Today, Republicans voted a so-called “stopgap” budget out of the Pennsylvania Senate. I voted no because it’s just another budget gimmick. They want to hold funding for our kids hostage for non-budget priorities like privatizing the state liquor system, which would cost the state billions of dollars and potentially put booze on every block in our communities.

The “stopgap” budget is simply a four month version of the Republican budget that was already rejected by Governor Wolf and Senate Democrats. See the chart below for a comparison of the Republican budget and what I’m fighting for in Harrisburg.


Tax natural gas drilling in Marcellus Shale to fund public education

Restore cuts to higher education, freeze college tuition

Cut the average homeowner property tax by 50 percent

Balance the state budget

Raise Pennsylvania’s minimum wage

Restore funding for social services

Restore funding for programs that create jobs and boost Pennsylvania’s economy


No tax on natural gas drilling in Marcellus Shale

Force tuition to increase at state colleges and universities

No property tax relief

Increase deficit by over $2 billion

No increase in minimum wage

Keep in place massive cuts to social services that occurred during former Governor Corbett

Do nothing to encourage job creation


Contact Gov Wolf Contact Governor Tom Wolf The voters of PA wanted a change. That’s why they elected Tom Wolf. The Republicans need to listen to the people.

Please contact Governor Wolf and urge him to stand strong against these Republican games. And share this e-mail with your friends, family, and co-workers. Together, we can send a clear message that the people of Pennsylvania want a responsible budget now.

State Senator Vincent Hughes

Senator HughesAmid Budget Stalemate, Education, Human Services Funding Shrink, Hughes Says

By Wilford Shamlin III | September 17, 2015

State funding for key human services and public education continues to shrink amid partisan politics in Harrisburg, State Sen. Vincent Hughes told the Urban Affairs Coalition (UAC) leadership Thursday.

Many of those programs are administered by the coalition, led by President Sharmain Matlock Turner, who thanked the Democratic Senate Appropriations chairman for staying responsive to the needs of the community.

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PA Lawmakers Still At Odds Over Taxing Shale To Fund Schools

Senator Vincent Hughes, along with other Democratic legislators held a press conference on September 10, 2015 at the Upper Dublin High School advocating an increase in education funding and passage of an extraction tax on gas drillers as the “fair and equitable” thing to do.
Senator Hughes Holds Press Conference Calling for an Extraction Tax to Fund Education :: September 10, 2015

By Mike DeNardo | September 10, 2015

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Democrats are calling on the leadership in Pennsylvania’s Republican-controlled legislature to drop their opposition to an extraction tax on natural gas, to break the state’s budget stalemate.

Several Democratic senators and state representatives gathered at Upper Dublin High School, to call on Republican leaders to drop their opposition to a shale tax.

Democratic Senator Vincent Hughes of Philadelphia says shale drillers should pay.

“It’s only fair that they contribute.” says Hughes. “Especially at a time when our schools — many of our schools across the state of Pennsylvania are in severe crisis.”

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Senator HughesDems Address Budget Impasse in Upper Dublin, Call for Marcellus Shale Tax

By Linda Finarelli | September 10, 2015

UPPER DUBLIN >> The “fundamental issue” holding up an agreement on a state budget is a Marcellus Shale tax to help fund public education, state Sen. Vincent Hughes said at a Sept. 10 press conference at Upper Dublin High School.

Hughes, D-7, whose district includes parts of Montgomery County and Philadelphia, along with other Democratic legislators advocated an increase in education funding and passage of an extraction tax on gas drillers as the “fair and equitable” thing to do.

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