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Here's What I'm Doing on the Anniversary of the Mass Shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary

Senator Hughes’ Plan to Address Gun Violence:

Stop Illegal Guns


Senator Hughes & Senator HaywoodToday is the three year anniversary of the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. I wanted to mark this anniversary by sending a reminder about how little has been done to address gun violence since this terrible tragedy.

I have introduced Senate Bill 1049 which would implement universal background checks for all sales of firearms in Pennsylvania, closing loopholes such as an exemption for weapons with short barrels. It would also require background checks at gun shows which is currently a glaring loophole in existing law.

I am also proud to be a co-sponsor of Senate Bill 1029, which would create a licensing system for handguns. The bill, which is sponsored by Senator Art Haywood, would require that anyone who owns a handgun in Pennsylvania to have a license issued by a law enforcement agency.

I have also offered legislation to require safety training for any individual who applies for a concealed carry permit and expand the number of criminal convictions that make an individual ineligible to own a firearm in Pennsylvania.

Cleary, the time has come for Harrisburg to pass reasonable laws to reduce gun violence in Pennsylvania. I salute my friend Senator Haywood for offering this legislation. Please share this e-mail with your friends, family, and co-workers. Together, we can send a message to state lawmakers that the time for action is now.


State Senator Vincent Hughes
Democratic Chairman of Senate Appropriations Committee

Delco Reps Join Push for Bills to Close Gun Background Check Loophole

By Oscar Gamble | October 16, 2015

NORRISTOWN >> Gun control advocates and those affected by gun violence joined law enforcement officials and state legislators from both sides of the aisle on the Montgomery County Court House steps Thursday to announce legislation that would close a loophole in Pennsylvania’s guns statute that allows the private sale of “long guns” without background checks.

House Bill 1010, and accompanying Senate Bill 777 would amend the Pennsylvania Crimes Code, extending the requirement for background checks for the private sale of short-barreled firearms to the sale of all firearms, regardless of barrel length, in an effort to prevent unauthorized purchases.

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Here's Why Pa. Must Enact Handgun Licensing: Art Haywood

By Art Haywood | December 14, 2015

Stop Illegal GunsWhat will it take for lawmakers to respond to gun violence? There have been more mass shootings in our nation than days in the year so far, but most of them go unnoticed.

In fact, each day, we lose more Americans to gun violence than we lost in the shooting massacres at Virginia Tech, Newtown and Columbine combined.

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On Sandy Hook Anniversary, Pa. State Senator Pushes Tougher Handgun-Licensing Legislation

By Brian Hickey | December 14, 2015

Art Haywood's bill would force buyers to apply for a license, and get fingerprint background checks, through local police

Flanked by antiviolence activists on the third anniversary of the Sandy Hook Elementary School slaughter, state Sen. Art Haywood (D-4th) rallied for public support of handgun-licensing legislation he introduced in Harrisburg this fall.

If passed, Senate Bill 1029 would require legal gun purchasers to apply for a license and submit to fingerprint-based background checks – with law-enforcement agencies and undergo gun-safety training.

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Pa. Senator Calls for Handgun Licensing Law

By WHTM Staff | December 14, 2015

PHILADELPHIA (WHTM) – A state Senator has unveiled legislation that would require Pennsylvanians to obtain a firearms eligibility license before they could buy a handgun.

Senator Art Haywood (D-Montgomery/Philadelphia) said handgun buyers would have to be at least 18 years old and a Pennsylvania resident to qualify for the license. They would have to pass a fingerprint background check, and they must have completed a firearms safety course within the last three years.

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