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School Funding
August 6, 2014: Senator Hughes Conducts Hearing in Philadelphia on School Funding

As you know, the Philadelphia School District is facing a severe financial crisis due to cuts in state funding by Governor Tom Corbett and his Republican allies in the legislature. Philadelphia public schools have let go more than 5,000 employees, closed more than 30 buildings, and cut administrative expenses by 50 percent. As a result, conditions have seriously deteriorated inside of our classrooms.

I held a press conference on Thursday, August 21st to release a report documenting just how bad things got during the previous school year. I was joined by a representative from the Public Interest Law Center of Philadelphia who discussed how her organization is planning to formally file complaints with the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

My report documented a number of troubling conditions, including class sizes from between 30-40 students, a lack of key staff such as nurses and counselors, and unsanitary conditions in school bathrooms. It is clear that our students are being held back by the conditions in public schools.

FundingThis is simply unacceptable. Our children shouldn’t be punished for the failure of adults who haven’t properly funded our schools. That’s why I’m encouraging students, parents, and school employees to fully document the deplorable conditions in our schools. We need to make sure that no one forgets what these draconian budget cuts have done to our classrooms.

You can file complaints by visiting this website:

We all need to speak up about what is happening in Philadelphia public schools. Together, we can document the problems and demand actions from the appropriate authorities in Harrisburg and even all the way to Washington, DC.

State Senator Vincent Hughes


Woes of Philly schools can't be overstated, Hughes declares

August 21, 2014

It's all been written before. The Philadelphia School District was in brutal financial shape last year.

Overfilled classrooms.

Guidance counselors and nurses nonexistent in schools on many days.

Cash available only for the barest of supplies and supports.

Still, "it needs to be discussed over and over and over again," said Pennsylvania Sen. Vincent Hughes at a Thursday news conference. "This is not how you achieve a 21st century education." » Continue Reading

Group Plans To Sue The State To Address Problems In Phila. Schools

August 24, 2014

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A group is preparing legal action, to try to force the state to address shortcomings at Philadelphia public schools.

A school so strapped for supplies that a teacher gives extra credit to students who bring in a ream of paper.

Amy Laura Cahn, an attorney with the Public Interest Law Center of Philadelphia, says that was one of 825 so-called “curriculum deficiencies” submitted by Philadelphia parents last year to be investigated by the state department of education. » Continue Reading

Supt. Hite nixes plan to change school transit pass policy

August 22, 2014

CENTER CITY (WPVI) -- Philadelphia School Superintendent Dr. William Hite is now backing off a somewhat controversial plan to save money.

At the School Reform Commission's first meeting of the new school year on Thursday, Dr. Hite withdrew his proposal to change which students can get SEPTA transit passes.

The old rule restricted anyone living within a mile and half their school and Dr. Hite wanted to increase that to two miles. » Continue Reading

Inside city schools, grim scenes

August 21, 2014

Steve Flemming's third-grade classroom at the J.B. Kelly School hasn't been painted for 10 years. He has no bulletin boards.

So he painted the room himself. And built a makeshift bulletin board. And then he rushed to a press conference called Thursday by State Sen. Vincent Hughes (D., Phila.) to talk about how rough things were last year, and how they could be worse this coming school year. » Continue Reading


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