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Time to Tax Natural Gas Drilling to Fund Education
Senate Bill 1333 Would Generate $375 Million for Public Education



Senator Hughes Comments on Marcellus Shale Severance Tax :: March 27, 2014
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Our current Governor has cut education funding by more than $1 billion. At the same, he has refused to tax some of the largest corporations in the world that are extracting natural gas from the Marcellus Shale region in our state. This is simple unacceptable. That’s why I recently introduced Senate Bill 1333, legislation that would impose a 5% severance tax on natural gas drilling to fund education.

Pennsylvania is the only major gas producing state that does not tax the extraction of shale gas. My legislation would correct this oversight and raise much-needed funds for education as well as other critical budget needs. Our proposal is a reasonable request to an industry that has thus far not been paying their fair share.

It’s simply unacceptable that our schools do not have the resources they need to survive, let alone thrive. Our legislation would provide $375 million for education in the first year and potentially much more as additional drilling happens across the Commonwealth. We need this legislation to pass so that our schools have the money required to educate our students.  

Please share this e-mail with your friends, family, co-workers. Together, we can create the momentum needed to get a shale tax for education passed.

State Senator Vincent Hughes

PA will lose $937 million this fiscal year because there is no severance tax. That number is projected to reach more than $2 BILLION over the next ten years.


Marcellus Shale Tax Facts

Check out the graphs below. The first shows the funding breakdown of SB 1333, the second compares PA to other states that have natural gas drilling, and the third shows how much money PA has lost by not having a severance tax.

Distribution of $720 Million Tax Revenue Natural Gas Production in the Top 10 States Fee Revenue vs. Tax & Fee Revenue
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Senator Hughes Pushing for "Shale Tax" To Fund Public Eduation in Pennsylvania

Senator Hughes Pushing for "Shale Tax" To Fund Public Eduation in Pennsylvania



Lawmaker to Propose Marcellus Shale Tax to Raise $ for Schools

March 28, 2014 | By Solomon Leach | Daily News

A State lawmaker from Philadelphia said he has a plan to generate $375 million for local school districts without costing taxpayers a dime.

Sen. Vincent Hughes, minority chairman of the Appropriations Committee, said yesterday that he would introduce legislation to impose a 5-percent severance tax on natural-gas drilling in the state's Marcellus Shale region. By 2020, Hughes said, the tax would generate more than $1 billion for education.

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Pa. State Senator Calls For Shale Gas Tax To Help Fund Public Education

March 27, 2014 | By Pat Loeb | CBS Philly

The Philadelphia School District is scheduled to unveil its 2015 “lump sum budget,” at Thursday night’s School Reform Commission meeting, and it’s expected to be another bare bones spending plan. The district’s budget crunch prompted a number of calls for action, including a tax on Marcellus shale gas.

Standing outside school district headquarters, State Senator Vincent Hughes announced plans to introduce a bill that would place a five percent tax on natural gas extracted from Pennsylvania to be used, in part, for public schools.

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